Play review of the battle adventure game 'Glow-Tomoshibinotabi-' that opens up a world surrounded by darkness with friends and elements

The battle-type board game 'Glow-Tomoshibinotabi- ', which gathers friends in a world where colors have been lost, rolls dice and activates abilities to collect 'fragments of light', will be released on May 22, 2021. Since it will be released on Saturday, I tried to play what kind of game it is.

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The box of 'Glow-Tomoshibinotabi-' is a monochrome tone that reflects the image of the game world.

The target age is 10 years old and over, the number of players is 2 to 4, and the estimated time is 45 minutes.

The contents are like this, there are instructions, travel boards, encounter tracks, cards and frames, tokens.

There are two types of cards, white and black on the back side, and black is further divided into two types, 'A' and 'B' in the center.

The seven cards with white backs are the 'adventurers' of your choice. At the bottom of each card, the abilities that are activated by the dice roll are written. The red 'Pocana' has no abilities drawn, but instead has one more die than the other characters.

The black card is the 'friend' that adventurers will scout from now on. Keep A and B in separate piles, pull out 3 each and remove them from the game. Since different friends are removed from the game each time you play, it is difficult to say 'build a winning pattern with the same combination of friends'.

'Friends' make one mountain with A on the top and B on the bottom, and turn over 5 sheets from the top and arrange them under the 'encounter track'. Leave the 'skull' symbol on the far left empty. Also, roll the small dice prepared separately from the adventurer's large dice and place them in the space of the element symbol of the dice drawn on the encounter track. The symbols are 'fire', 'water', 'rock', 'cloud', and 'tree' from the left. In this example, 'cloud' and 'tree' do not have dice, so place a footprint token instead.

Place the adventurer's color marker at the scoring track start point on the upper left of the map board, and place the character and camp markers at the map start point on the lower left to start the game. This time, I will play with four people, Orium, Bracio, Pocana, and Iol.

The purpose of the game is to collect 'fragments of light'. 'Kakera of Light' can be obtained by various means such as the ability of friends, so anyway, it means 'collecting friends who will be useful to you'. The number of days you can use for your adventure is 8 days (8 rounds), and each day is divided into 5 steps.

·early morning
First of all, we will scout one by one from the start player. Scouting a ally will give you the dice or tokens in the space where the ally was. In the figure below, Iol scouts Snarex.

I also got 4 dice that were in the Snarex space. The friends will be arranged next to the adventurer in the order of joining.

When the four players have finished scouting their allies, the remaining allies will be sent to the graveyard at the 'skull' symbol on the far left. At this time, leave the dice and tokens in the fellow space sent to the graveyard as they are.

The player rolls all the dice, including the dice originally owned by the adventurer and the dice brought by his friends. If you have a 'reroll' token, you can spend the token and reroll up to two dice. If there is no problem with this roll, or if you can no longer re-roll, confirm the roll. Iol's rolls were 'water' 1, 'rock' 3, 'cloud' 1, and 'tree' 1.

・ Midday
Based on the result confirmed in the morning phase, the abilities of adventurers and friends will be activated. Iol's ability is to get 1 firefly token and 2 pieces of light when there are 1 'cloud' and 1 'rock'. In the photo below, the dice corresponding to Iol's ability are moved to the left for easy understanding, but since the ability does not activate by consuming the dice, it refers to the dice, so 'Iol's ability' There is no such thing as 'the abilities of other characters will not be activated because the dice have been consumed.' Also, depending on the outcome, the ability may be activated multiple times. It is OK for the player to decide which companion / adventurer to proceed with, but even if it is a disadvantageous ability, it cannot be said that it will not be activated.

The increase or decrease of light fragments due to abilities will be immediately reflected in the scoring track. There is a square with a picture of reroll on the track, but this is said to be able to reroll by retracting the marker to the square with the picture of reroll when you do not like the result in the morning phase thing. Since it is also drawn at '0', it is possible to consume the pieces of light and re-roll the dice until the score reaches 0.

Once the abilities have been processed, the party decides how to travel the world. This 'Shadow Area' map has squares with rolls, which you can proceed by consuming one of the same rolls on your die. This time, everyone had a lot of 'trees', so we decided to follow the same path. By consuming footprint tokens, you can replace the elements you need when moving.

We will process it for the next day. Of the dice that each player rolls in the morning, keep the large adventurer-specific dice at hand, and place the small dice in the space of the symbol on the encounter track, referring to the dice. As you can see from the fact that everyone moved the 'tree' square in the afternoon move, there were many 'tree' rolls in this round, and there were 5 dice. On the other hand, 'Fire' and 'Cloud' have zero dice, so they will replenish their footprint tokens.

And the next five friends appeared from the mountain to the encounter truck. This is the end of the day's processing. ...... I will do it for 8 days.

'Sketal' is a little special companion, and when you join the companion, it will bring you an additional die. This sketal is a 'wooden sketal' as the green dice are drawn on the left side of the name. What's more, there are 5 dice in the space where this skeleton was, and the acquired Bracio looks like it's horrifying.

However, two 'rocks' appeared on the dice roll in that round, and Sketal died leaving two pieces of light ... When the Sketal dies, the additional dice are returned to stock.

Iol arrives at the first square and builds a camp. At the end of the game, you will get the number of pieces of light shown in the square where the camp is located. You can only have one camp at a time, but you can move it when you arrive at the next square.

After this, Iol's Chromagu, who had been added to his group, died due to his ability.

However, Chromaug also activates the effect of 'selecting one of the friends sent to the graveyard and adding it to hand', so he succeeded in reviving Lumi Piri sent to the graveyard. Lumi Piri is a powerful companion with the ability to reroll once per round.

Eventually, the mountain of friends was exhausted. This is the final round, as the adventure is over when you can't replenish your friends in the evening.

Iol added Drell to this round to make it a group of eight friends. Five of our friends have a policy of 'If you stay at the party until the end, you will get a bonus of light fragments', and all of you will manage to survive and earn points.

Iol succeeded in setting up a camp at the '20 points' point farthest from the starting point on the map.

After the adventure, I calculated the score, and the score was 51 points for Pocana, 55 points for Bracio, 63 points for Iol, 65 points for Orium, and the winner was Orium.

After adding two Sketals to the group and increasing the dice, Orium directly increased the score of Kakera with the abilities of himself, Mundaloo, and Tolkos. On the other hand, the number of friends who should have been 8 has decreased to 5, which suggests that it was a tough trip.

The combination of adventurers and friends can make a big difference in your adventure journey. For example, Noctilca has 5 points when the ability has 3 dice with the same roll, but since there are 2 initial dice, it is necessary to increase the number of dice by 1 in some way in order to earn with the ability. Even if the scout doesn't go well, the scout that will surely increase the number of dice by one is an indispensable companion.

The back side of the map is a 'dark archipelago' and the rule is that 'you can move if the total number of elements on the roll matches the route', so it will be a different play feeling from the 'shadow area'. ..

Although it is a battle game, basically, we will pursue 'how to collect pieces of light' and add friends to advance the adventure, so instead of competing for points in the middle, the result of each adventure is the last It was an impression that the winner was decided by being collated.

However, there are also friends who will definitely get in the way of the other party. One is this 'Kar'. When Karl joins someone, a 'black die' is added to the game.

The black die, like any other die, is placed at the dice element. However, the black die has the curse effect of 'making the same element as the roll missing'. If you have Karl as a companion, you will not receive this curse, so even if the player says 'It is difficult to take this companion because you have a black dice', the player who has Karal as a companion can play without worrying about it.

And it is this 'Saar Goki' that is very strict. If you join the group, you will lose 1 point, but when 'Fire' 2 comes out, you will go to the graveyard and at the same time leave curse tokens to other players. The curse activates when the conditions are met, but the contents are 'Lose 3 footprint tokens', 'Lose 5-7 pieces of light', 'One companion dies', and I don't want to eat any of them. Only things. There is no doubt that the adventure will be delayed.

This kind of game with a lot of cards and components has esoteric rules and some things that require you to reread the instructions on how to handle it, but 'Glow' is an elaborate game. However, when I played it, I didn't have to worry about it for a long time on my turn, and I got the impression that I could go straight on.

There are various abilities of allies, and there is no such thing as 'this is useless', and it depends on the skill of the player how to collect the pieces. The design is also unique, and there are some friends who want to add to the party by giving priority to appearance. Also, even if it was a nice party, the dice roll would decide everything at the end, so there was no such thing as 'I can't win because I don't know the rules very much in the first play', and the balance was exquisite.

'Glow-Tomoshibinotabi-' is on and is sold for 4852 yen at the time of article creation.

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