Korean-style 'Rizap Spicy Beef Salad' tasting review by adding kimchi, chili oil and seaweed to Yoshinoya's Rizap beef salad

In the 'Rizap Beef Salad ' that appeared in 2019 as a high-protein, low-carbohydrate menu of the Yoshinoya, a new spicy fat-burning ' Rizap Spicy Beef Salad' has appeared on May 13, 2021. I actually bought and ate a product that added kimchi and glue to the Rizap beef salad that appeared as the first step and sprinkled with chili oil to eat.

Yoshinoya will start selling new products in early summer from May 13th-Fat burning system 'Rizap spicy beef salad', refreshing delicious 'green onion salt pork bowl'-
(PDF file) https://www.yoshinoya.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/10171028/news20210511.pdf

Arrived at Yoshinoya.

This time I took out. The salad is in the same container as the Rizap beef salad, but comes with kimchi, soft-boiled egg, seasoned seaweed, and (PDF file)

soup stock supplement .

Dashi supplement contains a peptide that 'reduces the absorption of neutral fat', and the raw material name includes fermented seasoning, soy sauce, dried bonito extract, kelp extract, etc. in addition to globin peptide.

When you open the lid, you can see that the whole is covered with plenty of chili oil.

Turn on kimchi, soft-boiled egg, and seasoned seaweed.

When I measured the weight in this state, it was 351g in actual measurement. It's called a salad, but it's heavy.

First of all, when I try to eat beef with plenty of chili oil, the usual Yoshinoya beef taste is added with aroma and crispy texture, but there is almost nothing that can be called spicy.

When you break the soft-boiled egg, it looks delicious because it looks thick.

It also contains chicken, so when I entwined it with egg yolk and ate it with kimchi and seaweed, it also had the flavor of chili oil to eat, and it had a Korean-style yukhoe-like feel. However, kimchi has almost no spiciness, but on the other hand, it has acidity and umami, so it tasted like lightly pickled or salad.

At this point, I feel like 'It tastes a little light ...?' I thought that the dashi supplement was a taste-changing element, but when I think about it, there is no dressing on the regular version of Lizap beef salad, so it seems that the dashi supplement is a substitute for the dressing. That's why I'm going to sprinkle the dashi supplement.

When the dashi supplement is applied, the overall taste is clear, but since it is not as much as the dressing, the dashi and kimchi finish is refreshing as a whole. If you like spicy foods, it's not as spicy as you can eat your shoulders, but it seems that you can eat it refreshingly in the hot season when you tend to lose your appetite.

It's hidden in beef, but it also contains beans. I have the impression that the amount of shredded cabbage is a little small for a salad, but the amount of ingredients is large, so I'm firmly hungry.

In addition, Rizap spicy beef salad is 468 kcal per meal, protein is 31.3 g, fat is 29.4 g, sugar is 15.9 g. The price is 600 yen excluding tax.

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