'Stop applying bovine dung to your body as a countermeasure against the new corona,' warns an Indian doctor

In India, where the number of people infected with the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has been increasing rapidly since around April 2021, doctors said, 'The habit of using bovine excrement to prevent COVID-19 is a risk of spreading other diseases. I have issued a statement warning that I have sex. In India, where many people view cattle as sacred due to the influence of Hinduism, it is reported that folk remedies are being used to prevent COVID-19 by applying bovine excrement to the body and drinking urine. I will.

Indian doctors warn against cow dung as COVID cure | Reuters


If you play the following movie, you can see the state of 'COVID-19 prevention method using bovine dung' in Gujarat, western India.

Indian doctors warn against cow dung as COVID cure --YouTube

Some devout Hindus visit the shelter where cattle live once a week and apply bovine dung and urine to their bodies to boost immunity to COVID-19 and recover from COVID-19. He thinks he can do it.

Participants spend time hugging, worshiping, and doing yoga until the cow's excrement on their bodies dries.

After the excrement has dried, wash off the dung pack on your body with milk or buttermilk.

In addition, Indian People's Party Surendra Singh, who is a members of, argued that 'to drink every day by dissolving the urine of cattle in cold water, is protected from COVID-19 comes with immunity'. We have released a video of actually taking a medicine called 'Gaumtra' or ' Gamtra' made from bovine urine.

In Hinduism, cows are a symbol of sacred life and the earth, and Hindus have traditionally used cow dung for cleaning the house and prayer rituals, so they are comfortable with applying it to their bodies. is.

However, doctors and scientists around the world, including India, have repeatedly warned that alternative therapies such as those mentioned above can provide false relief and exacerbate health problems.

'There is no scientific evidence that bovine dung or urine boosts immunity to COVID-19, everything is based on belief,' said JA Jayalal, chairman of the Indian Medical Association. There are health risks to applying and eating products that are used to the body, and other diseases can be transmitted from animals to humans. ' I showed my point of view.

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