WHO declares new coronavirus infection 'not a pandemic stage'

World Health Organization (WHO) Secretary-General Tedros Adanom will meet on February 25, 2020, describing the pandemic new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), which has been rampant since December 2019. Does not meet the criteria to be called . '

Coronavirus outbreak has 'pandemic potential' but it's not there yet, WHO says-CNN

Tedross said, `` As of February 6, 2020, 6:00 am Geneva time, Switzerland, a total of 77,362 cases of COVID-19 were reported in China, of which 2618 died and WHO reported to WHO. China has reported 416 cases and 150 deaths in the last 24 hours. '

Tedross also revealed that the WHO delegation had completed his visit to China and submitted a report. According to the WHO inspection team, the mortality rate in Wuhan, China, which was the center of the epidemic, was 2-4%, and the mortality rate outside of Wuhan was 0.7%. He states that if the condition is mild, it will take about 2 weeks and if the condition is severe or severe, it will take 3 to 6 weeks.

The COVID-19 epidemic peaked from January 23 to February 2 and has been declining since then, with no significant mutations found in the new coronavirus, the inspection team reported. You. A more detailed report will be made by WHO Dr. Bruce Isleward on behalf of the inspection team on February 25, 2020 (Geneva time, Switzerland).

Tedross said that COVID-19 reports have increased exponentially in Italy, Iran and South Korea, saying, `` Many media have speculated whether the epidemic of COVID-19 has reached the pandemic stage. WHO has declared an emergency when less than 100 cases have been reported outside of China and eight cases of the new coronavirus have been confirmed to be transmitted from person to person. ' .

WHO finally announces an emergency declaration with the spread of the new coronavirus, and at the same time seeks a calm response-gigazine

Regarding whether the epidemic of COVID-19 can be declared as a `` pandemic '', Tedross acknowledged that it could cause a pandemic, but `` It is not said that the virus has spread so globally that it can not converge, It cannot be said that patients and deaths have occurred on a large scale. 'At the time of writing, he emphasized that the epidemic of COVID-19 was not evaluated as a pandemic. 'The word' pandemic 'is now inconsistent with the facts and can cause mischief. The world we live in is not polarized to' white or black. 'White But it's not black, we need to focus on virus containment while doing everything we can to prepare for the potential of the pandemic. '

One of the reasons why WHO is cautious about the pandemic declaration is the pandemic declaration during the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus outbreak. The H1N1 subtype virus is said to have become infected with the swine flu virus in humans and has spread worldwide, especially in Mexico. At first it was a pandemic declaration considering the extremely high infection mortality rate in Mexico, but it turned out that the threat level was not much different from seasonal influenza. In response, the European Parliament strongly criticized the WHO Pandemic Declaration as 'misinformation,' and turned to WHO suspicion that 'a pandemic may have been declared due to the intention of a pharmaceutical company.'

`` The use of the word 'pandemic' to describe the epidemic of COVID-19 depends on the geographic spread of the virus, the severity of the disease it causes, and its impact on society as a whole. Based on a strong evaluation. ' 'Thanks for the € 232 million donation from the EU. We can hope for this global solidarity. COVID-19 is a threat to humankind. COVID- For the 19 epidemics we have no choice but to overcome them together. '

At the conference, Tedros asked the following three priorities to each country:

1: All countries must prioritize the protection of healthcare workers.
2: You must participate in the community to protect those at the highest risk of severe illness, especially the elderly and those with very poor health.
3: Make every effort to contain the epidemic and protect vulnerable countries where the epidemic can occur.

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