Facebook's independent audit agency supports the indefinite suspension of former President Trump's account

Facebook's action to suspend former President Donald Trump's account indefinitely has been 'justified' by the Facebook Oversight Board , an independent auditing body.

Oversight Board upholds former President Trump's suspension, finds Facebook failed to impose proper penalty | Oversight Board

Oversight Board Upholds Facebook's Decision to Suspend Donald Trump's Accounts --About Facebook

Following the attack on the Federal Capitol caused by supporters of former President Trump on January 6, 2021, Internet service giants such as Twitter , Twitch , and YouTube all frozen the accounts of former President Trump. Facebook also suspended former President Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely on January 7.

Facebook, Twitch, Shopify suddenly expel President Trump indefinitely-GIGAZINE

Facebook has asked the Supervisory Board , an independent audit committee of 40 experts, including former judges, former politicians, legal scholars, political scientists, and philosophers, to discuss this decision. Depending on the outcome of the deliberations, he said he would decide whether to maintain the suspension of former President Trump's account.

Facebook asks independent auditing agency to deliberate on indefinite suspension of former President Trump's account --GIGAZINE

And on May 5, 2021 local time, the Commission found that Trump's post was praising those engaged in violence for the suspension of Trump's account, saying, 'The measure is legitimate. ”, Expressing support. On the other hand, regarding the fact that the period of 'indefinite' was not clearly defined, 'Usually, the penalty of Facebook is' deletion of violating content ',' suspension for a limited time ', and' permanent invalidation of the page and account '. Either way, this action isn't one of them, and it's an uncertain and non-standard penalty. '

'We are pleased that the Supervisory Board has acknowledged the exceptional steps we have taken in response to the unprecedented situation,' Facebook said in response to the Supervisory Board's decision. 'We will take new, clear and appropriate steps,' he said, citing the Commission's request for a clear period of suspension.

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