'Webamp' that reproduces the long-established media player 'Winamp' on the browser and allows you to play music freely

Winamp, a media player with a history of more than 20 years and still has a lot of strong fans, has stopped updating the official version since the beta version 5.8 Beta Build 3660 was released in 2018. A web application 'Webamp ' that makes it possible to use such Winamp on a browser has been released.

Webamp · Winamp 2 in your browser

When you access Webamp, it looks like this. The operating environment is Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome.

Double-clicking on the song title in the playlist window played it, and the visualizer was displayed in the right window.

Webamp runs on your browser, but you can move Winamp windows, adjust volume and change iracoiser settings. The basic usability is exactly Winamp itself.

To play the media file you have, click the eject icon button on the player and select the file you want to play.

By clicking the 'ADD FILE' button at the bottom left of the playlist window, you can load the media into the playlist by specifying the URL, or you can load the entire local folder.

If you load the local folder, a pop-up confirming the upload of the file will be displayed, so click 'Upload'.

Then, the music files in the folder were loaded into Winamp on the browser.

Also, if you double-click the skin file in the browser ...

I was able to change the skin of Winamp.

Webamp is open source developed based on 'Winamp2-js' which reproduces Winamp with HTML5 and JavaScript, and ' Butterchurn ' implemented by MilkDrop visualizer with WebGL is added to Webamp. The Webamp code is published on GitHub.

'Winamp2-js' that reproduces Winamp with HTML5 and JavaScript --GIGAZINE

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