'WinXP' that reproduces the desktop of Windows XP based on the Web

Mr. Shizuku Ichi has released a project called 'WinXP' that reproduces the behavior of Windows XP on a browser using the JavaScript library '

React '.

WinXP-Windows XP in React

GitHub --ShizukuIchi / winXP: ???? Web based Windows XP desktop recreation.

When you visit the site, you will see the Windows XP desktop in your browser.

Open windows can be resized and minimized / maximized.

You can also open the menu, but you cannot open the C drive.

Winamp can also be started. 12 songs are registered in the playlist and can be played.

You can also play Minesweeper.

In addition, Internet Explorer, Notepad, Paint, etc. can be used.

If you open the start menu and click 'Turn Off Computer' ...

You can select 'Turn Off' or 'Restart'.

As expected, it could not be terminated or restarted.

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