NVIDIA Launches Interactive AI Framework 'Jarvis'

On April 12, 2021, NVIDIA announced that it has started offering '

Jarvis ', a software framework that enables the construction of interactive AI. 'Developers will be able to develop interactive AI agents with high-precision automatic speech recognition and language comprehension,' said Jarvis, who is trained with vast amounts of data.

NVIDIA Announces Availability of Jarvis Interactive Conversational AI Framework | NVIDIA Newsroom

NVIDIA Jarvis: World-Class ASR | Real-Time Machine Translation | Controllable Text-to-Speech --YouTube

Jarvis enables digital nurses that enable new language-based applications that were previously unattainable and ease the burden on healthcare professionals by monitoring patients 24 hours a day, cross-border collaboration and native language. It is said that the possibilities of various services such as real-time translation that enables live content viewing are open.

NVIDIA says Jarvis is built on a model trained with over a billion pages of text and 60,000 hours of audio data in different languages, pronunciations, environments and jargon. In addition, by utilizing GPU acceleration, it will execute an end-to-end voice pipeline in less than 100 milliseconds, and will process listening, understanding, and response generation at high speed. Voice pipelines can be deployed in the cloud, data centers, etc. to instantly reach millions of users.

Developers can easily adapt these models to any task, industry, or system by training, adapting, and optimizing using a framework called

TAO, which requires a high degree of AI expertise throughout the response process. It is said that there is no such thing.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang said, 'Deep learning breakthroughs in the areas of speech recognition, language understanding and speech synthesis are creating great cloud services, and Jarvis is bringing such state-of-the-art interactive AI. We'll make it available outside the cloud, allowing users to deliver AI services everywhere. '

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