A video of a monkey with a chip embedded in his brain playing a game only by 'thinking' will be released

On April 9, 2021, the startup `

` Neuralink '' launched by Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk released a video of a monkey playing a game only by thinking with electrodes embedded in the brain Did.

Monkey MindPong-YouTube

The first fully-implanted 1000+ channel brain-machine interface --Neuralink

A 23 mm diameter chip named 'Link' is embedded in the brain of a monkey named 'Pager'. In addition, Link has 1024 built-in electrodes, all of which are plugged into the areas that control Pager's brain and muscle movements.

Link is a chip that can read the electrical signals of the brain, model them against the actual movements of the muscles, and predict the movements intended by the brain using only the electrical signals. You can find out more about Link by reading the following article.

Neuralink CEO Elon Musk announces embedded chip 'Link' that connects brain and AI & automatic surgery robot 'V2' --GIGAZINE

In this experiment, Pager first moves the joystick with his right hand to align the small white dots with the orange frame. If successful, the banana smoothie will come out of the thin tube in the center, and Pager will continue to move the dots crazy.

Pager's brain electrical signals are recorded every 25 milliseconds and sent over Bluetooth to a PC running the decryption software. The software then models the relationship between the electrical signal and the actual dot movement.

In the following movie, each circle shows one electrode, the size of the circle shows the activity of the electric signal, and the color of the circle shows 'Which direction is the most active for each nerve cell?' I am. It also shows where each electrode is embedded in the brain.

Then, based on the created model, an experiment was conducted to reflect Pager's electrical signal on the dots. Pager is playing the game by holding the joystick as before, but the joystick is not connected to the cable. Nonetheless, the dots are moving exactly where Pager intended.

In addition, there will be a game called '

Pon ' that Pager likes. I don't even hold the joystick this time, but Pager is moving his paddle on the right side.

Monkey MindPong Picture-in-Picture --YouTube

The following is an image that captures the electrical signal of the brain when Pager is playing Pong. As shown by the yellow line, when you move the paddle up, the nerve cells (blue) that activate when you are conscious of the top work, and when you move it down, the nerve cells (red) that activate in the downward direction work. You can see how it is.

Neuralink's primary goal is to 'make people who are physically paralyzed exposed to digital.' Neuralink allows you to play games and communicate online with just thinking, stimulates the nerves and muscles of the body based on electrical signals, and moves the stuck limbs freely. We are also considering the development of technology.

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