Apple releases 'Find My Certification As st.', An app that makes third-party products compatible with the 'Find My' function

At the developer conference '

WWDC 2020 ', Apple announced that it would open the function 'Search ' to search the location of Apple products owned by users and the location information of friends to third-party products. And, as announced, the ' Find My Certification Asst. ' Functional test app for 'Find My' for third parties has appeared on the App Store.

Find My Certification Asst.

Apple launches an app for testing devices that work with'Find My' | TechCrunch soon-go-live /

Since 2019, Apple has been offering Find My, which integrates Find My iPhone, which searches for the location of Apple products that users own, and Find My Friends, which searches for the location of friends. .. In addition, at WWDC 2020 held in 2020, it was announced that 'search' will be open to third parties.

What is the mechanism of the 'Find My' function that can be located even on offline terminals announced by Apple? --GIGAZINE

And in April 2021, the 'Find My Certification As st.' Functional test app for 'Find My' for third-party developers was released on the App Store.

According to the description of the application, which is described in the App Store, 'Find My Certification Asst.' Apple's accessories certification program '

MFi in the app for developers who are participating in the', 'search in the' Search ', connection, other It is possible to carry out tests related to 'important requirements of.'

You can also see from the screenshots posted on the App Store that third-party developers can use Find My Certification Asst. To test various features such as connectivity, sound, power, and NFC.

In addition, TechCrunch , a tech media, said, 'Apple has added an item called' Items 'to' Search 'in the beta version of iOS 14.5,' and that it is being developed by third-party devices and Apple. Points out that preparations are being made to make the reported forgotten item prevention tag 'AirTags' correspond to 'search'.

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