Weight 700g & calories 1108kcal, beef bowl, yakisoba, curry, cheese omelet Sukiya 'Yakisoba beef bowl omelet MIX' tasting review

'Yakisoba beef bowl ' which is a combination of Yakisoba and Sukiya beef bowl cooked with a special sauce with a spicy fragrance, and ' Yakisoba beef bowl omelet MIX ' which is a combination of fluffy cheese omelet and gentle rich Yokohama curry. Has appeared in Sukiya from Wednesday, April 7, 2021. I ate something like an aggregate of carbohydrates and proteins with the Yakisoba beef bowl released on the same day.

'Yakisoba Gyudon' will be on sale from 9am on April 7th (Wednesday) | Sukiya


Arrived at Sukiya.

A photo of Yakisoba beef bowl was posted at the store. The yakisoba beef bowl is based

on the yakisoba bread that appears in the movie 'Crayon Shin-chan, ' and a similar menu sold in 2013 'recorded a legendary number of sales.'

I bought it at takeout immediately.

The left is the new menu 'Yakisoba Gyudon Om Curry MIX' and the right is 'Yakisoba Gyudon'. This time, I bought Namimori.

The vertical size of the container is about the same, but the width is different, and the yakisoba beef bowl is about 13 cm wide, while the yakisoba beef bowl om curry MIX is more than 23 cm wide.

The heights are about the same.

The weight is 714g actually measured by Yakisoba Gyudon Homme Curry MIX.

Yakisoba beef bowl weighs 465g.

So, let's start with Yakisoba Gyudon Om Curry MIX.

At first glance, it looks like an om curry ...

Yakisoba and beef were glimpsed from under the omelet.

First of all, when I scooped the part covered with curry with a spoon, beef and fried noodles were also included. The main part of the curry is the familiar 'Japanese curry' that is not spicy or spicy, and the sweetness of the Sukiya beef bowl and onions, the taste of the beef, etc. are fused, and you can enjoy the beef curry with a sense of security. I will.

The thick omelet contains cheese and spinach, which makes the curry rich and Western-style with butter.

There is a zone with plenty of beef next to it, and you can enjoy the taste concentrated on beef bowl.

And at the end, there is a zone with yakisoba and omelet on top of the rice that sucked the soup of beef bowl, and when you eat so far, the taste is completely different from the first bite. I enjoyed the strange combination of sweet junk sauce yakisoba and rice. Gyudon, yakisoba, curry, and cheese omelet are not fused, but they coexist separately and are for people who want to enjoy various flavors with one.

Next, I will try Yakisoba beef bowl. Yakisoba beef bowl is rice topped with beef and yakisoba.

Yakisoba is cut short and can be eaten with rice without slipping. The taste of the sweet sauce goes well with the rice.

There was plenty of beef bowl under the yakisoba. The tastes of yakisoba and beef bowl do not kill each other, and the compatibility is good. Since it is a menu with carbohydrates on top of carbohydrates, it is a menu with a big impact when viewed alone, but there are too many Yakisoba beef bowl om curry MIX, and it seems to be an illusion that it is a 'just right menu'. It was.

The Yakisoba Gyudon Om Curry MIX is 690 yen including tax for 1108 kcal, and the Yakisoba Gyudon is 500 yen including tax for 867 kcal.

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