Research results show that the psychological state when turning a gacha is the same as when gambling

The latest research on loot boxes (gachas) that purchase in-game items for a fee has shown that the psychological state of spinning gachas is the same as when gambling.

Video game loot boxes linked to problem gambling, study shows | Gambling | The Guardian

The loot box that exists in the game is illegal in some countries abroad, and Claire Murdoch, director of the mental health department at the United Kingdom National Health Service, said, 'Making children gambling addicted. 'There are concerns' and 'the sale of loot boxes should be restricted'.

'Loot boxes (Gacha) make young people gambling addicted,' warns British National Health Service executives-GIGAZINE

An analysis of 13 existing studies on such loot boxes showed that 12 of 13 studies showed a clear correlation between gambling addiction and loot box use. 'The loot box is structurally and psychologically similar to gambling,' said the group that conducted the study.

Nearly 40% of children use the game's loot box, but half of the total loot box sales (£ 700 million) are generated by only 5% of loot box users. is. And of the users who generate half of the total loot box sales, the research team points out that about one-third have a gambling addiction.

Britain's Congressman Richard Holden said the game's loot box 'needs actual regulatory action as soon as possible.' It has already been reported that regulatory momentum is increasing.

Britain is setting regulations as 'root box (gacha) is gambling' --GIGAZINE

The study, commissioned by gambling charity Gamble Aware, has helped tighten loot box regulation in the United Kingdom. 'There is growing concern that gambling is now a part of the daily lives of children and adolescents,' said Zoe Osmond, CEO of GambleAware.

A spokeswoman for Ukie, a video game industry group, said, 'Loot box probability disclosure has already been introduced on major game platforms. In 2020, a new paid random item descriptor will be added to PEGI. , Notifying players of its existence. With all major gaming devices and major game settings, players can see and limit all spending information, 'he said to the loot box. It claims that restrictions are being gradually introduced.

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