I have eaten Chinese soba at the Amagasaki 'Onuki Main Store', which is characterized by the unique 'foot-operated egg noodles' that have been in business for over 100 years and have continued for four generations.

Founded in 1912, the oldest existing Chinese soba restaurant is the Daikan Main Store in Amagasaki. I had the opportunity to have lunch in Amagasaki, so I went to eat because it was a big deal.

Amagasaki Chinese Soba Onuki Main Store Official Homepage


The location is 3-29, Kanda Nakadori, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture.

The nearest station is Hanshin Amagasaki Station.

There is 'Amagasaki Central Park' at the north exit of the station, so proceed to the left in front of the fountain.

There is 'Amagasaki Chuo Shopping Street ' on the other side of the pedestrian crossing.

Follow the arcade and turn right at the first intersection. This is where Tenkaippin is on the right hand side.

Next to Tenkaippin is the Onuki Main Store.

The shop has table seats for 4 and 2 people, and there are no counter seats.

The main menu is a set of Chinese soba and fried rice.

So, of course, I ordered a set. Chinese soba is normal, and fried rice is mini.

The soup seemed to be thick at first glance, but the taste was very light and refreshing. It will flow smoothly through your throat.

The noodles are unique egg noodles. It has a chewy and light texture, but it has the impression that it goes into your stomach with the soup.

The char siu is rather large and has a satisfying taste.

In addition to this, the ingredients are wood ear mushrooms ...


Fried rice is quite dark. This is because it is cooked with char siu broth.

The feature is a crisp finish so that the rice grains do not stick to each other at all. Also, the color is dark, but the taste is as light as ramen. It goes well with the soup, and it's best to combine it as a set.

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