YouTube is experimenting with a new feature that 'detects and automatically displays products that appear in videos'

He revealed that YouTube is testing a new feature in the United States that detects products and related products that appear in the movie and automatically displays them at the bottom of the movie player.

YouTube to auto-detect products in videos, serve related links --9to5Google

YouTube is testing automatic product detection in videos --The Verge

According to YouTube's official answer , this function is 'a new function that displays a list of products detected in some movies and related products', and it is displayed at the bottom of the movie player (on the right side in the browser) It is said that a display will be added to the recommended video.

This feature started testing around mid-2020, but it wasn't talked about because the scale of the test was so small. In this announcement, the test target is 'American users', and it is expected that a large-scale test will be developed.

Since YouTube uses an algorithm that 'automatically detects the content in the movie' when displaying related videos, this product automatic detection is an extension of this algorithm, 'Google enters the affiliate market by itself. However, it is reported that it is a movement aimed at directly linking movies and product purchases. '

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