Research results show that 'female with erected nipples' is more likely to be helped by men

Nipples are in the scientific community,

with the release of a movie that scientifically explains 'why people love nipples' and the announcement of research that analyzes 'nipple size' from an evolutionary biological point of view. Is also an important theme of great interest. A serious study focusing on such nipples has revealed that 'women with erected nipples are more likely to get help from men.'

The point of nipple erection 2: The effect of nipple erection on intended and expected altruism. --PsycNET

College men are more willing to help women with erect nipples, according to new research

In 2020, Professor Rebecca Burch and colleagues studying evolutionary psychology at New York State University Oswego and colleagues said, 'Point 1: Nipple erection point 1: Perceived when looking at women with and without nipple erections. About the experience of emotional states and their manifestations '. He argued that 'erections in female nipples cause sexual arousal in men.'

In this way, Professor Birch explains how this perception affects men's behavior under the premise that 'men recognize that women with erect nipples are sexually aroused.' To find out, we conducted an experiment to show 421 heterosexual men and women images of various women. Two types of photographs were used in this experiment: a female with an erection and a female without an erection. In addition, in order to prevent the facial expression of the female from affecting the experimental results, the female face was hidden.

Then, we asked the participants 'impressions of women' and 'possibility of altruistic behavior' such as lending 100 dollars (about 11,000 yen) to women. As a result, it was found that 'male participants are more likely to help women with nipples than women with nipples'. This tendency was especially noticeable in situations involving interaction with females, such as teaching females to study or fixing a female's car breakdown. The experiment also found that 'men think that women with erected nipples behave altruistically.'

David Widman, co-author of the paper 'Point 2: Nipple Erection: The Effect of Nipple Erection on Intended and Expected Altruism, ' summarizes the results of this experiment. Expecting altruistic behavior for women with nipple erections supports previous findings that men find women with nipple erections attractive. Altruistic behavior is social. This result can be manifested as a halo effect , given that it is considered desirable. '

The halo effect is a phenomenon in which the evaluation of a certain thing is dragged by the characteristics of that thing, and it is thought that it is a kind of halo effect that people with good appearance are easily trusted.

In addition to men, women also participated in the experiment, but female participants did not tend to 'become more motivated to help women with erected nipples.'

In his dissertation, Professor Birch et al. 'The photographs used in the experiment were all from young women with attractive bodies, so the limits of the'nipple erection effect'are not yet known. What happens to the 'nipple erection effect' revealed in the above for older women, well-built women, and unattractive women? Also, what happens when a woman has an expression of disgust or anger? Is it? ”, And motivated me to do further research on nipple erections.

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