Obviously there is no eye to see men as women who drink alcohol

When you drink alcoholHeterosexual looks more attractive than it actually isIt is well known that women who drink alcohol every day have less ability to judge the attractiveness of opposite sex compared to women who do not drink even when they are not drunk.

Details are as below.Beer goggles last longer for women - Telegraph

According to research by Dr. Kirsten Oinonen of Lakehead University (Canada) et al., It was found that women who drink safer have lower ability to judge bilateral symmetry of male faces than women who do not drink. The symmetry of the face is a criterion for judging the owner of a good gene and it is considered to play an important role in selecting a partner.

This study was conducted for young women who drink up to 40 cups of alcohol per month, not alcoholic poisoning. One of the experiments is to let 45 women choose more symmetrical one from 60 faces of men's face (one is more symmetrical than the other) than the alcohol that you drunk in the past 6 months The woman with the larger amount of correct answer rate was lower. Even women who drink only about 5 cups per month have lower correct answer rates than women who do not drink at all, it seems that the percentage of correct answers dropped in proportion to the amount of drinking.

"A woman who drinks may not feel attractive even for men who are not attractive because the ability to judge the symmetry of the face is low even when it is not drunk.The results of this experiment suggest that alcohol is symmetrical It suggests the possibility of lowering the cognitive ability of sex and allowing people to look more appealing, "Dr. Oinonen said.

This result suggests that alcohol will affect the brain for a long time. Researchers believe that alcohol affects the structure of the brain in some way and reduces visual recognition ability. However, it is unknown at this moment how long this effect lasts or is permanent.

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