A woman seems to be more attractive to men with scratches on their face

According to researchers at the University of Liverpool and the University of Stirling in the United Kingdom, men have found that those with scratches on the face seem attractive. As a rule of thumb, it seems that a clean face without scratches looks more attractive than a face with scratches, but it seems to be unlikely.

Also, not any scratches are acceptable, it seems that it does not seem attractive unless it is a specific scratch, and it is where I am concerned.

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Facial scars can help win a woman's heart. - Telegraph

220 people showed facial photos of people with various scratches (including those without scratches), and as a result of questionnaire surveying which photos are attractive, there were many women who liked scratched men in their face That's right. However, not any scratches are acceptable, it seems that the scratch marks like cut marks and marks of scratches seem attractive, there is no effect with scratches such as acne and eczema marks, rather negative There is a possibility of being seen. On the other hand, it seems that there was no particular effect on women's scratches.

I do not seem to know exactly why women are attracted to men's scratches, but by showing scratches, it seems that they give information such as personality and past experiences and seem attractive. Moreover, it is thought that it is one factor that it seems to be manly as being wild by the presence of scratches.

There was an editorial staff who suffered from a series of traffic accidents in two months and suffered from scratches on his face, but he read this article and he was lamented that "it was good if scratches remained".

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