Study results that the casual everyday behavior such as "singing in the shower" and "eating spicy foods" tells the person's personality

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A research result that the casualness in everyday life such as "like eating spicy foods" and "singing songs during showering" really shows the person's personality has been announced.

Act-frequency signatures of the Big Five

BBC - Future - The everyday habits that reveal our personalities

"A sincere person builds a warm human relationship, an outgoing person is happy, a person whose spirit is open can earn a lot of money, and an overly nervous person can easily have problems due to mental health "... ... and so on, personality and personality are regarded as important, because it is thought that the life from now will be visible as the person walks.

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However, it has become evident in a new study that investigated the five properties of people, that our individuality and personality appear in every part of our everyday life without looking at anything in the long term It was.

In a study Luis Mr. Goldberg is a psychologist psychologist Benjamin Chapman and his Oregon research institutes of the University of Rochester went, surveyed 800 people in Oregon have been made. The majority of people who became subjects were Caucasians, with an average age of 51 years. For the first researchers subjects et al., Of the words of 100 representing the person's character, which nature has been asked to evaluate whether they represent how much their own personality. This time was included in the 100 words of such thing as "shy," "friendly," "is good artistically," "has been relaxed," "moody", "bright", "art skin". And four years later, this time on the same subject was carried out using the 400 things choices the question, "What kind of went activity in the previous year?", It was compared to last each of the test to the results.

The results of the two tests show that, for example, there is a tendency for outgoing people to say "there are things with things" such as "easy to plan parties". In addition, outgoing people tend to take actions such as "frequently discussing earning money", "wanting to enter a hot tub", "taking a call even while driving", "wanting to decorate". On the other hand, people with strong honesty tend to avoid many activities including reading, researchers say "Because readings are considered luxurious leisure for those with strong honest taste" thinking about. Also, people who have a strong honest tendency do not say bad things or not to pencil pencils much.

And those with a strong "nice feeling" are more likely to take actions such as "take time to iron them out", "wash dishes" and "play with children", because this motivation is strong for them to please other people It is seen as it is seen. People of this type sometimes sing songs while driving or showering for some reason.

ByTasayu Tasnaphun

"Nervous person" is easy to take action to reduce spiritual stress such as taking a tranquilizer or an antidepressant, but despite being stupid by others or being angry with myself, there are many antisocial behaviors It was reported. Researchers say this is because they are fighting to control their emotions.

Also, those who do not have preconceptions "open minded" read poetry, go to opera theater, suck marijuana and make art work easily. On the other hand, I liked talking bad things about others, wandering naked, somehow tending to eat breakfast hard. In detail about the point of wandering naked in detail, the owner of this character had twice the proportion of prostitution wandering naked compared with those who did not. To not support the sports team can also be seen in the everyday behavior of open minded people.

Research that tried to make the relationship between individual character and behavior visible was carried out in the past but the behavior used as an index in the past research was limited. Therefore, "honest people often watch watches, sharpen their shoes" "outgoing people put in tattoos" "introverted people use more concrete words" "good people are sweet Eat well, there are few offense tickets "" Only honest people who do not have preconceptions tend to have unbalanced tendencies in fruits and vegetables, and prefer fragmented white wine, "only fragmentary information was revealed. In this research, it was a big progress that prepared 400 choices and tied the personality and behavior.

In addition, it has been reported that in past studies, evening people tend not to choose means for narcissist, psychopathy, purpose.

Research results reveal that evening type humans tend not to choose means for narcissist · psychopathy · purpose - GIGAZINE

If such research is advanced and the relationship between behaviors that harm human health and harmfulness and the character of people are clarified, it will make it easier to target the health campaign and make it more effective. It is considered. Or, more simply, "BBC sports singing voice in the shower of a roommate if it is a fee for feeling good," he says.

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