A study over 63 years indicates that you are a completely different person at the age of 14 and 77

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"Up to one hundred times soul of tripletsOn the contrary to the saying that, in the young age and the old age, the person's personality changed, the research result that the common part and the correlation almost disappeared was announced. This research has been tracked by subjects after a long period of 63 years.

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The study was initiated 63 years ago by the British Psychology Association. In 1950, researchers took questionnaire about their personality to 1208 boys and girls, 14 years old living in Scotland. In the questionnaire, the six elements of confidence, perseverance, stability of mood, originality, honesty, motivation to learn are evaluated, and it is considered that these six elements ultimately produce an evaluation of "reliability" It is.

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And when the subjects at that time became 77 years old, we conducted a questionnaire again. Of the 1208 subjects, 635 people were able to identify their residence, 174 of whom agreed to participate in the questionnaire.

174 subjects responded to the same question as the questionnaire conducted at the time of 1950 and a similar questionnaire about subjects was taken also for the family members and friends of the subjects. Then, it turns out that there is almost no overlap with the questionnaire result carried out 63 years ago.

In a study that investigated the person's personality change with a shorter span than this research, although the person's personality changes from childhood to middle-aged, or middle-aged to old-age, the result that consistency exists is announced It was. Therefore, researchers hypothesized that "There will be a common part in the person's personality even after 63 years," but the hypothesis was betrayed. In 10 years and 20 years, even if there is a common part in the person's personality in the past and present, as long as the span becomes longer, the relationship between the two seems to be almost disappeared.

"Personality is the result of thought patterns, emotions, behaviors, etc. reflected together with the psychological mechanisms behind them," says David Funder, a researcher. In other words, this research suggests that people after the dramatic changes in thinking and actions can not be said to be the same as those before change. In the past Buddhist thought that "what we consider consistently" as "is merely a vision", but this research result supported this idea.

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