It turns out that anxiety is reduced and mental condition is improved just by wishing for the happiness of others


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When you feel depressed, there are many who try to improve their mood by putting out something fun or something you like. Researchers have found that mental state improves by thinking about the happiness of others with a kind heart, not thinking about their own happiness when they feel depressed.

Caring for Others Caring for the Self: An Experimental Test for Briefing Downward Social Comparison, Loving-Kindness, and Interconnectedness Contemplations | SpringerLink

A simple strategy to improve your mood in 12 minutes • News Service • Iowa State University

Researchers Discover a Simple, 12-Minute Trick to Instantly Improve Your Mood

People often try to play games, eat good food, drink alcohol and feel happy when their minds go down.

A team of researchers at Iowa State University 's psychology professor Douglas Gentile and others experimented with an effective strategy to control anxiety and improve mood.

The research team said that 496 university students who were participants in the experiment walked in the university for 12 minutes. Undergraduates are instructed to think in their minds about people passing each other, and each group is instructed to 'have a kind idea towards the other person,' I hope this person will be happy '' 127), a group (125 people) instructed to 'think what kind of similarities or relationships the other person and I have in common', 'I think that I am better than my other person' The group was divided into four groups: a group instructed by (109 people), and a group set as a control group (135 people) instructed to 'think only about the clothes and belongings of the other party'.


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Each group took a 12-minute walk while thinking about the other person passing each other, and before and after the walk measured the scores of anxiety, happiness, stress, empathy, and connections with others. As a result of comparing the score of each group with the control group, the group who thought kindly to others decreased anxiety, increased empathy, felt the connection with others, and increased their feelings for others. about. In addition, it was also confirmed that, with regard to the group that considered the relationship with the other party, the connection with others and the feeling of compassion increased.

On the other hand, it was found that in groups that were asked to look at the other party below them, their emotional improvement was found to be significantly lower. A study conducted in the 1980's stated that 'looking down the other person below yourself has the effect of recovering the feeling of being sunk', but recent studies have 'compared yourself with others' Will have a negative impact on the mind. The results of this study support the recent research results.

'Seeing others below yourself is one of the survival strategies. It may not mean that it does not bring any benefit, but compare yourself with others,' said research team Dawn Sweet. In some aspects, stress is increased and you feel depressed. ”


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Also, surprisingly, factors such as individual differences in gender and personality did not affect the results of this experiment. Even people who had a strong tendency toward narcissus did not find it difficult to wish other people's happiness more than those with a gentle spirit, and their influence on mental status did not change depending on their character.

“This simple method has an effect regardless of the person's personality. Having an affectionate affection to others reduces anxiety and reduces happiness and empathy,” said Lanmio He, a graduate student who studied. I will increase my sexuality and make me feel socially connected, 'commented. Also, Gentile said, 'The method I discovered this time doesn't require much time, and it can be quickly incorporated into everyday life.'

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