Cause is dopamine? Reason why men are more likely to be alcohol-dependent than females

AlcoholismIt is said that there are more patients in men and men are twice as likely to be alcohol-dependent as women. Despite discussions on this social factor that causes gender differences, the biological cause has not been known until now.

Due to recent research, it is released by drinking alcoholDopamineIt is suggested that the sex difference of the amount may lead to a difference in ease of dependence.

Details are as below.Why are men more susceptible to alcoholism? It may be in their dopamine

Yale UniversityWhenColumbia UniversityOf the researchers who were drunk at about 20 years of age were drinking alcoholic beverages or alcohol-free beverages (control group) in subjects who took a specialPETWe scanned and measured the release of dopamine by alcohol.

As a result, it was revealed that when alcohol was taken in the same way, the release of dopamine was greater in males than in females. Especially pleasure ·Reinforcement· It is said to be involved in the formation of dependence etc.Ventral striatumIt seems that the amount of dopamine has increased. Thesis isBiological PsychiatryIt is published in the magazine.

Dopamine is a brain substance having various roles, but it is also released as a reward for sex and drugs, so it is considered that it plays an important role in the formation of alcohol dependence.

"In men, increased dopamine release leads to a positive effect of alcohol, which may be responsible for alcohol strengthening and habit formation," one of the authors Dr. Nina Urban I am talking.

Another important observation observed in this experiment is that Dr. Anissa Abi-Dargham mentioned that the amount of dopamine release by alcohol decreases drunkly repeatedly, and resistance to habit is formed It is said that it may be one of the standard stones at the stage of going.

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