RPG 'Bravely Default 2' play review of a special system that advances the fight in advance of the turn

On February 26, 2021, the new Bravely Default 2 was released for the first time in eight years in the Bravely Default Series , which first appeared in 2012. I actually played this game where you can enjoy special systems such as job change, 'Brave' and 'Default'.



The battle scene of Bravely Default 2 looks like this. We are fighting using the special systems 'Brave' and 'Default'. You can also change the battle speed with the + and-buttons.

Bravely Default 2 battle scene looks like this-YouTube

Bravely Default 2 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive game. The title screen of Bravely Default 2 looks like this. Select 'New Game' with the A button to start the game.

When the game starts, the movie will flow and you will enter the difficulty level selection screen. This time, I chose 'CASUAL', which makes the battle easier.

Then it continues to the name input screen. This time, the game will continue with the 'Sets' entered from the beginning.

The movie projected the scenery of the beach. There is a wrecked ship, and you can see a young man lying nearby.

Old men and women approach the adolescents, but the slightly conscious adolescents simply lose consciousness.

The scene changes to the indoor scenery. The young man wakes up in a strange place.

The young man 'Seth', who is the main character of this game, seems to have been taken to the inn with the help of the old man 'Sloan' and the woman 'Gloria'. Gloria talks to herself as the princess of the now-destroyed country of Muza, and after talking to Seth, she leaves for an audience with the king of this country.

After being told by the innkeeper that the country is 'Halcyonia,' Seth decides to go see the beach where he was lying down.

Players can move Seth with the left stick and talk to the townspeople with the A button.

I left the castle town and came to the field leading to the beach. In the field, a simple map is displayed at the bottom right, and the next destination is displayed with a small yellow arrow.

You can swing the sword with the Y button in the field. You can get various items by cutting off the grass with a sword. There are no enemies on the field at this point, so you can mow the grass and collect a lot of items. Perhaps it was scattered from the wrecked ship, I was able to get equipment such as weapons and armor.

When I went near the wrecked ship and talked to the old lady, a monster suddenly attacked me.

The battle with the monsters has started. As a characteristic battle system of Bravely Default 2, there is an action called 'Brave' that consumes 'Brave points (BP)' and borrows in advance of the turn.

Brave can be performed up to 3 times per turn, and in addition to 1 basic action, you can perform actions such as 'fight' and 'use items' up to 4 times in a row. Even if the first enemy is defeated by 'fighting' with only one attack target, the attack will continue against the second one.

However, the initial state of BP is 0, and if you brave from here, BP will become negative and you will not be able to move until it returns to 0. When the battle is over, BP will return to 0, so there is no problem if you defeat it with one brave, but if you can not defeat it, a big gap will be created.

To avoid this, it is possible to take an action called 'default'.

If you make the default, you will enter the defensive state for 1 turn, accumulate 1 point of BP, and accumulate up to 3 points of BP. For strong enemies, you can use the tactic of accumulating BP by default and folding it at once with Brave, and for weak enemies, you can use the tactic of wiping out with Brave from the beginning.

When Seth is fighting alone, a pair of men and women who pass by will help.

With the addition of the male 'Elvis' and the female 'Adele', we were able to successfully defeat the monster.

Elvis and Adel seem to be traveling in search of the treasure 'Asterisk'. The three people who hit it off decided to act together for the time being. It will follow you on the field after Seth. Monsters are roaming around the field, and when they see Seth, they chase after them for a while, and when they come into contact, the battle begins.

However, with the addition of Elvis and Adele, the battle will be more advantageous than when you were alone. If everyone braves to the maximum, they will be able to act 4 times x 3 people 12 times in one turn. Seth and Adele can also use the special technique 'Suppin technique'. When you perform the 'search' of the makeup technique ...

You can know the enemy's HP and weakness attributes.

The information once checked is continuously recorded even after the battle is over, and can be confirmed at any time by pressing the X button during the battle.

Someone attacked Sloan and Gloria while the three were fighting, and Gloria was kidnapped. They tell Sloan to bring the treasure 'Wind Crystal' that has been passed down to Muza, and leave.

Seth and the others have helped Sloan, who was injured and unable to help Gloria alone.

Sloan becomes a 'accompanied person' and although he cannot perform actions such as 'fighting', he often assists in attacks and recovery during battle. As expected, it is said to be the best swordfighter on the continent, and it boasts considerable strength. While the basic damage done by Seth and three others is about double digits, Sloan is doing more than 10 times that damage, and it is a very reliable existence.

In addition, the source of power 'asterisk' has made it possible to change jobs. You can press the X button to open the menu screen and set the 'main job' and 'sub job' for each character. For the job set as the main job, the value of 'Job Point (JP)' will increase due to the battle, and the special skills (abilities) specific to the job that can be used will increase. Jobs set as sub-jobs do not increase JP, but abilities can be used during battle.

I came to the mansion where Gloria was trapped.

The inside of the mansion is a so-called 'dungeon', with an eerie atmosphere and many enemies appearing. However, there is a 'warp point' in the dungeon that connects the entrance and the waypoint, so if you are injured in a series of battles, you can choose to return to the town and recover.

There are also 'save points' that glow faintly. You can only save on this savepoint in the dungeon.

I went through the dungeon and met Gloria safely, but I was caught and shot by the enemy.

However, Seth's body suddenly reacts to Sloan's wind crystal and begins to shine.

Seth, who received the Revelation of the Wind Crystal, can now use 'Special Moves'.

When Seth uses a special move, a special effect is added, a powerful attack is performed, the BGM changes, and the stats of allies are temporarily increased for several turns. There are conditions to use the Special Move, and usually it is necessary to meet the conditions set for each job such as 'Strike 10 times'.

I was able to defeat the enemy by making full use of my special move. When JP goes up, you may get abilities such as 'Search'.

One of the jobs, 'Suppin,' is a unique technique that allows you to search for items during battle.

When you 'search', you will find the ground under your feet and find good items. If you have enough strength, you can search for items in the battle.

Seth and his colleagues return to town to prepare for a journey to find other lost crystals. Occasionally, the residents of the town request quests, and you can get various rewards by completing the quests.

After clearing the old lady's quest that you saw on the beach, you can now 'search'. If you use the search function, the search will be performed automatically while the Nintendo Switch is sleeping, and many items will be collected. You can get even better rewards by using the network function.

The search is carried out for up to 12 hours, and you can also get items that increase experience points and JP, so you can make effective use of the time you are not playing the game. The result of leaving it for about 8 hours as a trial is like this.

You can also make your character remember job-specific 'support abilities'. If you set 'dowsing' as one of the support abilities ...

'Number of unopened treasure chests on the field' is displayed at the bottom right of the map.

By mastering various jobs and support abilities, it is possible to advance the fight easily and advantageously.

Systems such as 'Brave' and 'Default' are not found in other RPGs, and if you master them, you can win the battle without giving your opponent room to fight back. Enjoy a thought pattern that is a bit different from the usual RPG, such as 'This character selects to fight twice, and the next character can be defeated in one turn by using the ability with a heavy blow for the third time ...' It is a game that you can also play.

Bravely Default 2 has a download version price of 7480 yen including tax, and a package version price of Amazon.co.jp is 6455 yen including tax.

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