A bill to legalize MDMA, LSD, magic mushrooms, etc. is submitted in California

On February 18, 2021 local time, Senator Scott Wiener of the California Senate submitted a bill to legalize hallucinogens such as MDMA , LSD , and magic mushrooms and to establish a panel to recommend a framework for substance use. Did.

Statement: California State Legislator Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Psychedelics --MAPS

California bill would decriminalize psychedelics, paving the way for medical treatment | California | The Guardian

Newly The submitted bill is targeted, MDMA and LSD, DMT , which is the active ingredient of magic mushrooms psilocybin and psilocin , tropical rainforest plant Iboga is extracted from ibogaine and so on. The cactus peyote , which Native Americans consider sacred, and its active ingredient, mescaline, are treated as exceptions from the perspective that peyote is an endangered species.

The bill not only legalizes possession and personal use of targeted hallucinogens, but also eliminates the criminal history of personal use and possession of these hallucinogens. It also stipulates a regulatory committee to oversee the use of hallucinogens used to treat mental illness.

In recent years, legalization of hallucinogens and relaxation of penalties have been rapidly progressing in the United States, and this bill follows this trend. Oregon legalized the first state unit of sirocibin in November 2020, and New Jersey in February 2021 had a fine of less than 1 ounce (about 28 grams) from a 3-5 year imprisonment. We have relaxed to a prison sentence of less than 6 months or a fine of $ 1000 (about 105,000 yen).

The trend toward legalization of hallucinogens and relaxation of penalties is that hallucinogens have medical benefits such as relief of depression, and in the 1970s President Richard Nixon said, 'Narcotics are the greatest enemy of society.' It is said that the background is that the drug eradication policy that was declared and carried out extensively did not work.

Clinical trials show that the hallucinogenic component of Magic Mushroom 'significantly improves depression with just one or two doses' --GIGAZINE

Senator Wiener said, 'You shouldn't be put in jail just because you have or personally used a drug.' 'This is a health issue, not a criminal issue. People have gained that awareness. I hope you will. '

The Guardian, a British letter, introduced an episode in which a former Marine suffering from PTSD was revived by the use of medical hallucinogens and was mentally ill due to a pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) It reports that the legalization of hallucinogens may improve the current situation of a surge in suffering Americans.

Survey results show that 'one-third of Americans have depression and anxiety disorders' due to the effects of the new coronavirus --GIGAZINE

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