A 100-year history of American cotton dragged from coffee to heroin

Looking back on the history of the past 100 years in America, such as coffee, tea to hemp, stimulants, tranquilizers, heroin, and so on, there always existed drugs there ... ... that the global news communityAJ +I will explain the history of American dragged coffee in about 3 minutes in an easy-to-understand manner.

100 Years Of Drugs In America: From Coffee To Heroin - YouTube

Coffee and tea was mentioned as a drug prevalent in the 1910's. Specifically, it is caffeine.

In 1912, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) warned that "America is full of people who are drunk with coffee or tea."

Sometimes the US government filed a lawsuit as "Coca-Cola adds caffeine to drinks."

Subsequently, it depended on Americans for alcohol. "The root of evil is in sake." In 1920, under the 18th amendment of the Constitution of the United States, abstinence law was enforced.

However, even though the abstinence law was enacted, Americans did not stop drinking. Because drinking at home was not banned, dangerous smuggling and smuggling increased, and gangs who adopted the law as opposed to the law will make a big profit in the black market.

In addition, in 1927, the number of unauthorized taverns has doubled compared to before the prohibition prohibition law was enacted.

Cannabis had been acted on behalf of drinking in clubs etc during the abstinence age that lasted until 1933, but in the 1930'sFederal Drug BureauBegan cracking illegal drugs, and cannabis also became illegal in 1937.

Also, a movie "Reefer Madness (Madness by Cannabis)" was made to convey the horror of drugs by the government's anti-cannabis campaign.

Doctors told soldiers who returned from World War II that lasted from 1939 to 1945amphetamine, I will start prescribing stimulants. It was around this time that drugs called upper series became popular.

Students also ingested stimulants to improve performance.

Pilots in World War IIBenzedrineI received it as part of the flight kit.

In the 1950's, the downer drag will be popular this time.

With the power of advertisement,MeprobamateA tranquilizer like that was appealed dignifiedly in the public place.

It was prescribed as "helping mother" to eliminate anxiety, it is said that one in 20 people was taking medicine.

In 1960, the hippie culture is showing excitement by young people of the middle class who shout love and peace.

They take marijuana to feel calm.

The era of drugs that continued until now has started.

In 1970, cocaine and heroin became popular again.

It is said that 10-15% of soldiers who headed for the Vietnam War were addicted to heroin.

Richard Nixon, then president of the time, said, "America 's biggest enemy is abuse of drugs."

In the 1980's, cocaine became more popular.

Until then, cocaine of the type to be injected was used, but in this era it was made to be able to aspirate with tobaccoCrack · cocaineAppeared. Regular cocaine was 100 dollars per gram (about 11,900 yen), whereas cracks and cocaine were cheap, as much as $ 2.5 (about 300 yen) per gram, and the effect was far greater.

President Ronald Reagan of that time implemented "Just Say No" campaign.

First Lady's Nancy Reagan also supported the campaign.

Ecstasy'sMethylenedioxymethamphetamine(MDMA)It was popular in the 1990s as a party drag. MDMA brings euphoria and has the effect of changing the empathy with others.

According to the 1997 survey, one out of 16 students who entered high school had experience of ecstasy.

In the year 2000OxycodoneIt becomes popular as an analgesic such as "easily obtained".

In particular Florida doctors are known to easily prescribe oxycodone and 90 of the top 100 physicians with high prescriptions of oxycodone in the United States have had a clinic in Florida.

And in the 2010s era of heroin will come again.

When crackdown on prescription medicine became severe, it became popular as "it is cheap and easy to get high".

Currently, heroin consumption has doubled compared to the past 10 years.

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