YouTube announces measures to be taken for 'next generation video'

With the aim of 'providing the best viewing experience for viewers,' YouTube redefines how next-generation videos will be experienced and clarifies what measures to take. ..

Investing to empower the YouTube experience for the next generation of video

The first thing that was said was ' easier navigation ', and we plan to further expand the chapter division function added in 2020, and automatically add chapters for 'related videos'.

In addition, the policy of actively responding to the latest video technology will not change in the future, and in the latter half of 2021, YouTube VR will be redesigned to improve navigation, accessibility, and search functions.

Most of the environments where YouTube videos are viewed are mobile terminals, but it is said that viewing using TV is increasing rapidly, and it is clear that we will actively respond.

And with YouTube Music, where you can enjoy more than 70 million songs, we plan to improve user-created playlists to make them easier for other users to find.

For children, ' YouTube Kids ' that can watch only healthy videos is prepared, but it is said that tools will be added that will allow parents to add channels and videos that children can watch.

While the number of people opening their own channels on YouTube is increasing, some people feel that 'the hurdles for creation are high', so a tool called 'Short' that allows you to easily create videos with just a smartphone has been developed. I will. A beta version is already available in India, and the number of channels opened has tripled by using 'Short'. It is expected to be available in the US within the next few weeks.

In addition, in order to help creators build their businesses, they will continue to explore ways to support the diversification of income sources. The 'applause' feature introduced in 2020 is also one of the features added in line with this policy.

Utilizing the reliability and knowledge of these creators, beta tests are also being conducted on the shopping function that allows viewers to shop directly on YouTube based on information. The shopping function is scheduled to be officially introduced in the latter half of 2021.

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