What is 'Advice on how to create a resume' by a Google recruiter?

Many companies require you to submit a resume when selecting a job or change of job, and job seekers are worried about how to write a resume that will maximize their appeal. Google has released a movie for aspirants where the actual recruiter talks about 'advice on how to write a resume', and the official blog of '

Leet Resumes ', a service that creates resumes of technical experts for free Explains the contents.

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What Google recruiters look for in a technical resume

Jeremy On (left), who is in charge of Google's technical recruitment, and Lizzie Lopez (right), who is in charge of business recruitment, give advice on how to write a resume that can be applied to Google recruitment and internships. Man.

First, as a basis for your resume, 'Make sure your design, font, size, and space are simple and consistent so that viewers can easily scan and find information quickly.' Mr. advice. Leet Resumes agrees on this, saying, 'This sounds like obvious advice, but many engineers complicate resumes with colors, columns, graphics, multiple fonts, text colors, and font sizes. This puts a lot of strain on the person reading the resume. The resume should be simple. ' In addition, Google requires that resumes be sent in PDF, but Leet Resumes pointed out that it is not always necessary to submit resumes in PDF because many companies require formats other than PDF. ..

Google also requires you to include your contact information and email address at the top of your resume, which Leet Resumes agrees with.

Google's advice is that the length of the resume should be one for business applicants and up to two for engineers. In this regard, Leet Resumes states that even business applicants may have two pages if they have more than 10 years of experience. Lopez said it's best to list the content as much as possible and not long paragraphs, and Leet Resumes also claims that 'bullets and quick-scannable text are much better than long paragraphs.' Did. At first glance, 'checking for typos', which seems to be a trivial problem, is also an important item. 'Many engineer recruiters have learned that engineers who do not pay attention to resumes do not pay attention to code. I was able to do it. '

For Google engineer hires, it's desirable to mention programming languages, GitHub profiles, and open source contributions that can be used at the top of your resume, but Leet Resumes disagrees with this. Leet Resumes pointed out that experienced programmers can work with many programming languages and run out of space to write about frameworks, libraries and databases. Note that Leet Resumes advises that you should include your contact information as it is important information about your GitHub profile.

Google pointed out that it is better to change the order of items to be recorded in the resumes of undergraduate and graduate students and the resumes of job changers. Students should explain their studies first, while experienced career changers should explain their experiences first and their studies last. Leet Resumes also agreed that the resume should use the most space for 'own experience' rather than writing out the various items evenly. Google also recommends that you have sections on your leadership and awards.

In the academic section, you should describe your degree and major, and clearly state the expected graduation time in the form of years and months. Also, if it is known, it is necessary to mention the GPA, but Mr. On said that Google does not judge the applicant by the GPA alone, but decides the pass or fail as a whole.

When describing their own experiences, students describe academic research, experience teaching someone, personal projects, and so on. If you are an engineer student, you should also describe the results of open source projects, mobile application development, web development, hackathons, coding competitions, etc. If you are a person who has changed jobs, it is OK if you write down your previous work experience.

Two Google hiring managers advised you to list your careers from top to bottom, and your former employers and job titles in year-month format. In addition, the explanation of the bullet points should be complete and clear, and should be written so that only one or two words follow on the next line. You should be able to see at a glance what you did, including words like 'managed.' Leet Resumes agreed on these points and repeatedly insisted that engineers should write a complete and clear resume.

What you need in your Google resume is to 'appeal yourself based on your data.' To that end, Lopez advises us to apply it to the format 'By doing Z, we achieved X measured with the data Y.'

This is a description based on the above advice. “By reconfiguring the API, we improved server query response by 15%.” “By mapping new software features to achieve our business goals, we have 15 small business clients quarterly. You've achieved a 10% increase in revenue, 'and you can concisely convey your background while being persuasive in numbers. Leet Resumes also acknowledged that this writing was very correct, saying that 'numbers make your achievements look more realistic and more convincing.'

A similar description method can be applied to items that describe leadership and awards. Regarding this item, Leet Resumes points out that it must be remembered that 'it shows that someone considers himself excellent, valuable, and successful.' The track record of being highly evaluated by someone outside is a good sign for someone who could be a future boss.

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