'Albedo', a service that provides high-resolution satellite images at low cost, has started.

Albedo, a service that provides satellite images with higher resolution than existing satellite images by using an artificial satellite developed independently, has appeared, and it is predicted that the service will start in 2024.



Launch HN: Albedo (YC W21) – Highest resolution satellite imagery | Hacker News

The resolution of a satellite image is determined by the resolution that indicates the measurable range, and the lower the value, the higher the resolution. Even the highest resolution of existing satellite images was about 30 cm, but Albedo provides much higher resolution satellite images with a resolution of 10 cm.

Albedo founder Topher Haddad posted on his Twitter an image comparing the 10 cm resolution satellite image that Albedo plans to provide with the highest resolution 30 cm satellite image available at the time of writing. , Albedo's satellite image sharpness is appealing.

In addition, Albedo's artificial satellite will also be equipped with a high-resolution temperature sensor.

High-resolution satellite imagery and temperature sensors are available, so Albedo can also be used to monitor wildfires.

In addition, Mr. Haddad explained the background to the establishment of Albedo on the community site Hacker News , 'The conventional satellite imagery sales service requires a long transaction with a sales person before purchasing satellite imagery, or purchases. There were many obstacles to the purchase of satellite images, such as the time it took to obtain the data and the minimum purchase area for satellite images that could be purchased at one time. Albedo solved these problems. We are working on it. '

Albedo's pricing looks like this. With the 'Believer' plan, which can be selected by purchasing satellite images of 1 million square kilometers or more per year, satellite images can be purchased for $ 2 (about 210 yen) per square kilometer.

Hacker was posted in News 'satellite image of the Albedo Do? Expects any use' to the question, Haddad said, 'GPS is' Pokemon GO 'and' Uber intended to be used in services such as ' As we didn't, Albedo isn't a service for a specific purpose, but unprecedented high-resolution satellite imagery will be used for a variety of purposes, including agriculture, mapping, and environmental protection. I'm thinking. '

The artificial satellite under development by Albedo is scheduled to be launched in 2024.

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