I tried 'Kobe beef burger' which is too luxurious and uses 'Kobe beef' which Japan is proud of in the world

Freshness Burger has released ' Kobe Beef Burger ' and ' Kobe Beef Cheeseburger ', which are too luxurious hamburgers using '

Kobe beef ', which is especially well-known in the world among Japanese brand beef. I actually tried a hamburger that was entwined with carefully selected Kobe beef, tsundere using horseradish, spicy adult sauce, and rich red cheddar cheese.

'Kobe beef burger' and 'Kobe beef cheeseburger' are now on sale using rare 'Kobe beef' patties carefully selected from the world-class Japanese black beef | FRESHNESS BURGER Freshness burger

I came to Freshness Burger at once.

Freshness Burger releases hamburgers using branded beef at the end of each year, and

Sendai beef burgers usingSendai beef were sold in 2019, but in 2020, `` Kobe beef burger using Kobe beef'' Appears. The banner of 'Kobe beef burger' was also hung at the store.

So, let's start with 'Kobe beef burger' (890 yen including tax). It took about 10 minutes to serve the fresh burger because the patties were baked after the order was placed.

The wrapping paper has a chic design based on black.

The buns are sesame buns ...

There is a firm burn on the back.

The ingredients are simple, horseradish sauce using plenty of lettuce and mountain wasabi from Hokkaido, and beef patty using Kobe beef.

Hidden in the lettuce, the grilled onions are also on the patties.

When I actually eat it, the patty using Kobe beef has an elegant taste that is soft and soft, rather than a meaty one that is full of umami, and the balance between red umami and fat is exquisite. The horseradish sauce with the spiciness of wasabi is refreshing, and you can feel the flavor of soy sauce when you eat it, so the overall taste is like beef eaten with soy sauce. It feels like a Japanese-style hamburger with elegantly finished buns and patties.

Next, I will try 'Kobe beef cheeseburger' (990 yen including tax).

It's basically the same except for cheese because it's just Kobe beef burger plus red cheddar cheese.

The rich red cheddar cheese goes well with the patty, but compared to the Kobe beef burger where the taste of each ingredient stood out, the Kobe beef cheeseburger has a lighter impression of the patty, so the meat's If you want to enjoy the taste, it is better to choose Kobe beef burger.

Kobe beef burger and Kobe beef cheeseburger are on sale at freshness burgers nationwide from November 25, 2020. In addition, it is not sold at the Jungle Cafe store, Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden ZOOASIS store, Yokohama Stadium store, Kyocera Dome Osaka store, PayPay Dome store, Jingu Stadium store, Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi store, and some other stores may not handle it. It is said that there is, so if you are interested, please contact the store directly.

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