I tried to open 'Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers' where Nintendo's oldest handheld game machine revives with modern technology

In commemoration of the 35th anniversary of the first '

Super Mario Brothers ', ' Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers ' has appeared, which allows you to enjoy Mario on the portable game machine ' Game & Watch ' that appeared in 1980. Since I was able to actually get 'Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.', I first took a closer look at the appearance.

Games & Watches Super Mario Brothers | Nintendo

'Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.' is a package design reminiscent of a family computer controller, and depicts playing the first Super Mario Bros.

This time, I

bought it from Nintendo's official online store , so a sticker commemorating the 35th anniversary of Mario was included.

Then I will open it. If you remove the plastic case that covers the box ...

The design of the screen part was changed to the Mario version of '

Ball ', the first title of Game & Watch. This Mario version of the ball is actually playable.

In addition to the main unit, a safety guide with notes and a USB Type-C / Type-A cable are included. The manual is not included, only the online manual .

'Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.' is a game console with a display attached to the controller of a family computer.

The size is 67 mm long x 112 mm wide x 12.5 mm thick, which looks like this when compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which measures 158 mm long x 77.8 mm wide x 8.1 mm thick.

Slightly thicker than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The actual weight is 67g, which is light enough to be carried around.

On the back, the serial number (serial number) required for repair is written.

On the right side was a USB Type-C port for power and a power button.

Speaker grill on the left side.

There is nothing on the top and bottom.

So, first of all, charge it using the attached USB cable with a total length of about 30 cm. The USB AC adapter is not included, and operation has not been confirmed with AC adapters other than the '

Nintendo USB AC adapter ', so be careful. This time I charged it with the Apple 5W USB power adapter .

When I connected it to the power supply, the display started automatically.

'PRESS TIME BUTTON' is displayed on the screen, so press the TIME button to switch the screen to 'clock mode'.

Since the time is not set at the first startup, set the time with the 'PAUSE / SET' button.

With the PAUSE / SET button, you can set the volume, screen brightness, and time.

The operation is performed with the cross key and the B / A buttons. It was common with family computers that the B button was canceled and the A button was decided.

'Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.' maintains the clock function and cannot be shut down completely, but you can put the main unit into sleep mode by pressing the power button lightly.

'Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers' is 5478 yen including tax at the official online shopping site My Nintendo Store, but it is out of stock at the time of writing the article. It says, 'It will be produced for a limited time until March 2021', so there is still a chance to purchase it.

Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers | My Nintendo Store

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I actually played 'Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers' where you can play the 'ball' of the first Mario and Game & Watch --GIGAZINE

I checked the 'secret' that exists in the Mario watch of 'Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers' commemorating the 35th anniversary of Super Mario --GIGAZINE

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