Apple's claim that 'sales have been stolen' is dismissed in a court battle between Apple and Epic Games

Fortnite and Unreal Engine developer Epic Games sued Apple in August 2020. Apple and Epic Games have fought a fierce court battle so far, but in November 2020, it is reported that Apple's new claim that 'Epic Games stole sales' was rejected.

Judge Tosses Apple Counterclaims Against Fortnite Maker

Judge dismisses Apple's “theft” claims in Epic Games lawsuit | Ars Technica

In August 2020, Epic Games filed a proceeding against Apple. Epic Games disagrees with Apple's App Store, which charges an unreasonably high fee of '30% of sales,' and Fortnite does not go through the 'EPIC Direct Payment' App Store. Introduced a system that allows you to purchase Knight's in-game currency. However, Apple will remove the iOS version of Fortnite from the App Store as this violates the App Store terms. In response, Epic Games sued Apple for 'anti-competitive behavior.'

'Fortnite' developer Epic Games sues Apple-GIGAZINE

In response, Apple claimed in a trial that 'Epic Games could inject malware via Unreal Engine.' He also argued that the real reason Epic Games filed a proceeding against Apple was 'to regain attention to the sluggish Fortnite.'

Apple claims in court that 'Epic Games could inject malware via Unreal Engine'-GIGAZINE

Also, at a hearing on the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games in September 2020, judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers left skeptical comments on Epic Games' allegations. Was reported to.

Judge says 'Epic was lying about Fortnite' in a court battle between Apple and Epic Games-GIGAZINE

Apple claims that Epic Games introduced 'EPIC Direct Payments' to Fortnite as 'intentional interference' with Apple's legitimate business. In addition, Apple even claimed that the App Store's '30% of sales' fee was legitimate, and that measures to avoid it were 'just theft,' and added punitive damages to Epic Games. I was asking to pay.

However, during a hearing held on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, Judge Rogers dismissed this allegation on Apple's side and told Apple's attorney at law Anna Casey. 'You need to tell the truth,' he said. As a result, media outlets such as Bloomberg and Courthouse News Service have reported that 'Apple has been outnumbered.'

'Epic Games has enough sales to pay to Apple, and Epic Games is abusing that sales,' Rogers said. 'The 30% commission is now. It's being contested. '

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