'Apple should give up Lightning for the environment and make the iPhone compatible with USB Type-C'

Apple has discontinued the power adapter and EarPods with the release of iPhone 12 for the purpose of 'reducing the burden on the environment'. Regarding Apple's attitude, IT news site The Verge said, 'If you really think about environmental issues, you should give up Ligthing and start making your iPhone compatible with USB Type-C.'

Apple should switch the iPhone to USB-C if it really wants to help the environment --The Verge


At the new product announcement event held on September 16, 2020, Apple touched on environmental issues and revealed that 'some of the new Apple Watch will not have a USB power adapter.' In fact, the iPhone 12 did not come with the power adapter and EarPods that were included with previous iPhones, only the USB-C-Lightning cable .

These attempts are part of Apple's July 2020 goal of ' totally zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.' Kaiann Drance, vice president of marketing for Apple's products, said that there are a lot of USB Type-C compatible power adapters out there, saying that 'Apple users should reuse power adapters they already own.' Shows your view.

A person inside Apple talks about the 5G support of 'iPhone 12' and new features such as MagSafe and Ceramic Shield --GIGAZINE

In this regard, Apple said, 'There are already 2 billion power adapters in the world, and there are billions of third-party chargers.' It has been argued that it does not need to be bundled with a new power adapter because it exists all over the world.

Regarding Apple's claim, 'If you think about environmental issues, you should start by giving up Lightning,' said The Verge. The Verge pointed out that Apple accounted for only 13.9% of smartphone sales in 2019 , and most smartphones other than the iPhone used USB Type-C. An ethical smartphone that uses environmentally friendly recycled plastic for 40% of the main body, raises humanitarian considerations when improving factory labor and collecting mineral resources as raw materials, and allows users to disassemble and repair by themselves. 'Fairphone 3+ ' praised that it sold only the main body without even attaching a USB Type-C cable, 'If it is a USB Type-C compatible smartphone, it can even be sold without a cable, and it can be more environmentally friendly. 'I threw it away.

In addition, The Verge raises questions about the 'popularity of power adapters,' which is at the core of Apple's claim. Apple claims that 'there are already billions of power adapters around the world, so no more is needed', but because Apple shipped the USB Type-C power adapter from the iPhone 11 Pro . Apple claims that there are billions of power adapters, 'Isn't most of them USB-A standard?' I argue that many users will have to buy a power adapter, contrary to Apple's claim, because the USB-A standard power adapter can't be connected to the USB-C-Lightning cable that ships with the iPhone 12. Did.

In January 2020, Apple responded to the EU's request for a 'common charger for smartphones' by not only shipping more than 1 billion terminals equipped with Lightning terminals, but also the entire ecosystem of accessories and terminal manufacturers. Is Lightning-enabled, so if a law were to require a common charger, hundreds of millions of devices and accessories would be useless and generate an unprecedented amount of electronic waste. ' And said that he had no intention of switching to USB Type-C.

Apple announces rebuttal statement to EU demand for 'common charger for smartphones'-GIGAZINE

The Verge dismissed the claim when it switched to Lightining in 2012, pointing out that Apple had cut off early iPhone peripherals, saying, 'Given the history of the company, the claim is empty.' 'Migrating from Lightning will certainly scrap a lot of devices, but it's a short-term loss and should be migrated from a long-term perspective,' he said, using his own standard, Lightning. In order to continue, Apple's scams that line up the rhetoric of 'for the environment' are cut off.

In addition, Apple has adopted USB Type-C in the iPad Pro of the 3rd generation or later and the MacBook of 2015 or later.

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