Headline News on October 13, 2020

This preview video of the anime movie '

Jose, Tiger and Fish ' based on Seiko Tanabe's novel has been released.

Anime movie 'Jose, the Tiger and the Fish' book notice 60 seconds

©2020 Seiko Tanabe/ KADOKAWA/ Josee Project

In addition, it was revealed that Eve, who is in charge of the theme song 'Ao no Waltz', will also handle the insert song 'Shinkai'.

In addition, two people from ' Story Map ' participated as guest voice actors. Mr. Moriyama will be in charge of the manager of the diving shop where the main character, Tsuneo, works part-time, and Mr. Lily will be in charge of the station staff.

The comments from the two are as follows.

Nishida store manager Shintaro Moriyama :
I was often told that my voice was characteristic, so I was very happy when this story came. As you can see from the work, the one I played was the manager of the workplace where the main character Tsuneo works, and he is a handsome and refreshing man who is kind to juniors. I was wondering if I was really okay, but I did my best to play it. I played the role of Osaka dialect, but it was my first experience to act as a voice actor, so I didn't even know if I was talking about Osaka dialect! Lol
If you know me, why don't you mess up Moriyama! I think it will be!
And I am honored to be involved in such a wonderful movie. Please enjoy the beauty of images, music, and wonderful stories. If you pay attention to the detailed background and visit the stage of the work, Osaka, I think you can enjoy it many times!

Station employee Lily :
The voice actor was one of the jobs I wanted to do, so I'm very happy that one dream came true! I played the station staff, and I got into the role quite a bit!
And the story, the video, and the music are all wonderful, and even my uncle, I, got sick! !! There is no doubt that your heart will be washed, so please come visit us at the cinema!

Comment videos are also available.

The movie 'Jose, the Tiger and the Fish' will be released on December 25, 2020 (Friday).

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