I tried two kinds of 'Donburi Master' chicken tendon, which is crispy and juicy chicken tendon with menta mayonnaise and grated dashi stock.

From a donburi master of a home delivery specialty store that delivers freshly made bowls, ' Special Meita Mayo Chicken Tendon ' with mellow spicy Meita Mayo and ' Chicken Tendon Dashi Grated ' with rich flavor Two new types of chicken tendon called ' Tailoring ' are now available. I actually ordered and checked how each taste is different.

Donburi specialty store 'Donburi Master' | The official website of the Donburi specialty store 'Donburi Master' that is fried after you place an order. 'Donburi Master' delivers freshly made flavors. Great deals on online orders from the official website! A large serving of rice is now free!


Donburi masters can choose between regular, medium and special servings, so this time we have 3 types of 'specially made Meita Mayo chicken tendon' and special 'chicken tendon dashi grated'. I ordered.

The photos below are arranged in the order of normal, medium, and special from the left. The number of chicken heavens differs depending on whether it is regular, medium or special.

There are 4 chicken tempura in the average, and the actual weight is 404g.

There are 6 chicken tempura in the middle, and the actual weight is 525g.

Tokumori had 8 chicken tempura, and the actual weight was 645g.

Each chicken tempura varies in size and weighs about 40-60g each.

'Special Meita Mayo Chicken Tendon' comes with Meita Mayo.

When it arrived, the mentaiko and mayonnaise were separated, so mix them well.

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The chicken tempura is crispy on the outside and plump on the inside, and when you chew it, the fat of the meat spouts out. The menta mayonnaise has a mellow spiciness with the spicy spicy mentaiko and the flavor of mayonnaise, and it goes well with the soy sauce-based flavor of chicken tempura.

Next, we will eat 'Chicken Tendon Dashi Grated Tailoring'.

The chicken tendon itself has the same pattern as the 'specially made Meita Mayo chicken tendon'.

The difference is that it comes with a separate soup stock.

Bukkake ...


Dashi grated mirin is a sweet seasoning with a distinctive flavor, and you can feel the flavor of grated radish. The Japanese-style dashi stock and chicken tempura, which uses soy sauce for the seasoning, go well together. You can enjoy the refreshing chicken broth with the dashi stock, so if you are concerned about fat, you can choose this one.

'Special Meita Mayo Chicken Tendon' is 1380 yen including tax for regular serving, 1580 yen including tax for medium serving, and 1780 yen including tax for special serving. 'Chicken Tendon Dashi Grated Tailoring' is 1240 yen including tax for regular serving, 1440 yen for medium serving, and 1640 yen for special serving, but at the time of writing the article, the campaign period is in progress, and 'Special Meita Mayo Chicken Tendon' is also available for online ordering. All sizes of 'Chicken Tendon Dashi Grated Tailoring' were 300 yen off.

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