What is better about the latest model 'Apple Watch Series 6' in 2020? I compared it with each model

' Apple Watch Series 6 ' is the latest model of Apple Watch in 2020, which was introduced with an easy-to-understand feature called 'blood oxygen concentration measurement function'. In addition to the 'blood oxygen concentration measurement function', I tried to see what kind of points the Apple Watch Series 6 has evolved by comparing it with each model based on the Apple official model comparison page.

Apple Watch-Compare Models-Apple (Japan)


◆ Compare exterior design
The case size of the Apple Watch from the first generation to Series 3 is 38 mm / 42 mm, but from Series 4 it has been increased to 40 mm / 44 mm, and at the same time the display size has also increased by more than 30%. However, the band for 38mm can be used in the 40mm case, and the band for 42mm can be used in the 44mm case.

Below is a photo of the original Apple Watch (42mm), Series 2 (42mm), Series 3 (42mm), Series 4 (44mm), Series 5 (40mm), SE (40mm), Series 6 (40mm) from the left. The body color and band are different for each, but the basic design of the body remains the same.

The back looks like this. The appearance of the rear sensor has changed from Series 4, and even greater changes can be seen in Series 6 due to the integration of the blood oxygen concentration sensor.

The design of the digital crown on the right side of the main unit has also changed slightly. In Series 3, the entire digital crown is painted bright red, but in Series 4 and Series 5, only the red line accents. The SE has the same design without accent lines as the original & Series 2, and it seems that the color of the accent line is different for each body color in Series 6, and in the case of the gold color of the aluminum case, the accent color is white.

Speaker & microphone on the left side. With the design change from Series 4, the speaker & microphone unit has also evolved to the second generation, and the volume has been increased by 50%.

In addition, Apple Watch has '50 meters water resistance' that you can swim while wearing Series 2 or later, and how the 2nd generation microphone & speaker unit drains the water that has entered A movie that shows you is also released.

How does the Apple Watch, which allows you to swim while wearing it, drain the water that gets inside? Slow motion movie to understand --GIGAZINE

You can find out more about the detailed exterior design of the Series 6 by looking at the photo reviews below.

'Apple Watch Series 6' haste photo review, rear sensor evolved with blood oxygen wellness sensor-GIGAZINE

◆ Compare performance
At the time of writing the article, Apple's official online store sells three, Series 6, SE, and Series 3. The selling price is from 42,800 yen excluding tax for Series 6, 29,800 yen for SE, and 19,800 yen for Series 3.

・ Compare Series 6 and SE
There are four differences between Series 6 and SE: 'Blood oxygen wellness sensor,' 'Display,' 'Electric heart rate sensor,' and 'Chip.'

The biggest difference when comparing the latest model of 2020, Series 6 and SE, is that Series 6 is equipped with a blood oxygen wellness sensor. This allows you to use the Blood Oxygen Wellness App on your Series 6 and easily measure your blood oxygen levels at any time. Although it is not clear at the time of writing the article, it is not clear how the benefits of being able to measure blood oxygen levels will appear, but as many people say that the Apple Watch saved their lives , 'Blood oxygen wellness' There may be cases where the case of 'saved by the app' will be reported in the future.

In addition, how to use the blood oxygen wellness app with Series 6 is summarized in the following article.

Summary of how to use 'Blood Oxygen Wellness App' that can measure blood oxygen concentration with 'Apple Watch Series 6' --GIGAZINE

The other difference between the Series 6 and SE is that the Series 6 has a always-on Retina display. Always-on display By installing Retina display, it is possible to use the always-on display function in Series 6. If you turn on Always on, the dial will appear on the screen even when the user isn't looking at the Apple Watch display. Although it is not an indispensable function, it will make the Apple Watch look like a watch to people other than the wearer, so it may be a nice feature for those who want the dial to always be displayed like a watch.

In addition, the left side of the photo below is the dial that is normally displayed, and the right side is not displayed when the display is always off. 'The design has been adjusted so that the power consumption displayed when the wrist is lowered etc. is reduced. It is a dial.

In addition, Series 6 is equipped with an electric heart rate (ECG) sensor that SE does not have, but the electrocardiogram application that uses the ECG sensor is

not available in Japan at the time of article creation .

In addition, the heart of Series 6 is S6 SiP, which is up to 20% faster than SE's S5 SiP (System in Package), and there is also the difference that Wi-Fi is compatible with the 5 GHz band.

In addition to this, it is the first Apple Watch to have a U1 chip. This is a space-aware chip that uses ultra-wideband technology and was first used on the iPhone 11. When the U1 chip first appeared, experts said that the U1 chip was the biggest announcement at the iPhone 11 presentation, so it is possible that features unique to the Series 6 equipped with the U1 chip will appear in the future. Expected.

The coordinate measurement accuracy of the 'U1 chip' mounted on the iPhone 11 is attracting attention as it has an ultra-high performance of 'a few centimeters of error' --GIGAZINE

・ Comparison of Series 6 and Series 5
There are four differences between Series 6 and Series 5: 'blood oxygen wellness sensor,' 'display,' 'chips,' and 'altimeter.'

As for the display, Series 6 is equipped with LTPO OLED constant display Retina display, while Series 5 is equipped with LTPO OLED constant display Retina display that supports pressure sensitive touch. As a result, the Series 5 can recognize a touch that pushes the display tightly and a normal touch as different types of touch, but the Series 6 does not. In addition, Apple has abolished 3D Touch of pressure sensitive touch function even in iPhone 11 series that appeared in 2019.

The difference between the chips is that the Series 5 uses the same S5 SiP as the SE, while the Series 6 uses the S6 SiP, which is up to 20% faster than the S5 SiP. Another point is that the Series 6 is equipped with a U1 chip.

In addition, the Series 6 is equipped with an 'always-measured altimeter' that can constantly measure altitude information, while the Series 5 is equipped with a barometric altimeter. Series 6 and SE are the only Apple Watches equipped with an altimeter for constant measurement.

・ Comparison of Series 6 and Series 4
There are four differences between Series 6 and Series 4: 'blood oxygen wellness sensor,' 'display,' 'chips,' and 'altimeter.'

While Series 6 has an LTPO OLED constant display Retina display, Series 4 has a pressure sensitive touch compatible LTPO OLED Retina display, so Series 6 does not support pressure sensitive touch. Series 4 does not support the constant display function.

As for the chip, Series 4 is equipped with S4 SiP, and it is clear that this chip has the

same CPU as S5 SiP. In addition, only Series 6 has a U1 chip.

Also, while the Series 6 is equipped with an 'always measuring altimeter' that can always measure altitude information, the Series 4 is just a barometric altimeter, so always measure the altitude. It seems that it is not possible to do it.

・ Compare Series 6 and Series 3
The difference between Series 6 and Series 3 which is more than double the price is 'Blood oxygen wellness sensor' 'Electric heart rate sensor' 'Case size and resolution' 'Compass' 'Constant measurement altimeter' 'Display' '

Tumble detection ' There are a wide variety of functions such as ' function ', ' noise monitoring function ', 'emergency call overseas', 'family sharing setting', 'chip', and 'speaker & microphone'.

The case size of Series 3 (left: 42 mm) is 38 mm / 42 mm, while that of Series 6 (right: 40 mm) has been increased to 40 mm / 44 mm. The resolution has also evolved from 272 x 340 pixels (38 mm) / 312 x 390 pixels (42 mm) to 324 x 394 pixels (40 mm) / 368 x 448 pixels (44 mm). However, the Series 6 display does not support pressure-sensitive touch, while the Series 3 does.

Since Series 6 has a built-in compass, you can check the direction at hand at any time.

In addition, you can measure your altitude at any time from the compass app.

If you use the noise monitoring function, you can measure the ambient noise level.

In addition, Series 6 can use the fall detection function, overseas emergency call, and family sharing settings that cannot be used with Series 3. In addition, the speaker & microphone is equipped with the second generation, and the volume is increased by 50%. The Series 6 S6 SiP is up to 2.4 times faster than the Series 3 S3 SiP.

Comparing each model, the advantage of Series 6 is that you can use the 'Blood Oxygen Wellness App'. On the contrary, there is no big difference from SE / Series 5 / Series 4 except that you can use the blood oxygen wellness app, so if you do not feel the need for the same function, you do not need to force yourself to purchase Series 6. .. The cheapest Series 3 of the current models is fairly affordable, but there are many features that aren't available compared to the Series 6, so it's a good idea to consider carefully when purchasing.

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