Amazon renamed 'Twitch Prime' to 'Prime Gaming'

Local time On August 10, 2020, announced that it will rename '

Twitch Prime ', which is included as a member benefit of Amazon Prime, to ' Prime Gaming '.

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Twitch is a game-specific live streaming distribution platform. acquired Twitch in 2014 for about 100 billion yen, and in 2018 it is a service that can provide free games every month and watch streaming distribution without advertisement ``Twitch Prime'' Amazon Prime member benefits Started offering as one of.

Amazon Prime member privilege ``Twitch Prime'' to get free monthly games started-GIGAZINE

Amazon announced that this 'Twitch Prime' will be renamed to 'Prime Gaming' as of local time on August 10, 2020. According to the announcement, there is no change in the content of the service, only the name change.

The logo on the official page has already been updated to 'Prime Gaming', and the renamed announcement 'Twitch Pirme has become Prime Gaming' is written below it.

'Prime members already have the best TV shows, the best movies, the best music. We include the 'best games' here,' said Larry Protonic, general manager of Prime Gaming. We're expanding our entertainment offerings so that we can:” “We provide our customers with new content to play their favorite games on all platforms. Wherever you love your games Wherever you go, Prime Gaming can provide you with good things.'

Amazon says, 'Prime Gaming adds value to Amazon Prime, which boasts more than 150 million members.' IT news media The Verge pointed out that Amazon has its own game development department as Amazon Games about this name change. Since the names of 'Prime Games' and Twitch have been eliminated to make it easier to understand that they are affiliated with Amazon, I think that this rename is 'a signal that Amazon will continue to work on games'.

Amazon Games released its first major title, the basic free TPS ' Crucible ' in May 2020, but returned to the closed beta at the end of June 2020 due to content improvements. In addition, we were planning to release the Open World MMO ' New World ' on August 25, 2020, but this was also postponed to the spring of 2021. 'Pac-Man that can be played directly on Twitch' that was scheduled to be released in June 2020 has not been released at the time of article creation.

It is reported that Amazon is developing cloud gaming with a code name of 'Project Tempo', but it is said that development is delayed due to a new coronavirus infection.

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