"PlayStation Meeting 2013" live on the net, PS 4 announcement? To the end

"PlayStation Meeting 2013" will be started from 8 am on February 21 (Thursday) in Japan time. It is expected that announcement of PS4 will be done this time, it is scheduled to be updated in real time with haste.

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It will start soon.

Start at 8 AM, start

Andrew House to the Podium

"As the environment of gaming changes, consumers are changing us." "The PlayStation platform is not based on the bing room anymore, it is a" gamer "center."

Ease of access is the top priority, and we are responding to this demand with a powerful handheld game console. It is PlayStation Vita. The expansion of Vita will continue from now on. PlayStation will become more powerful in all aspects.

I heard that this year's development will be talked about today

"With the changing environment of gaming, consumers are changing us, it was clear that a new game console was required Today, we will show you" Future of play "to you. The most personalized game experience ...... The highest powerful game machine, "PlayStation 4"is"

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"PS 4" finally officially announced, to the appearance of new game hard - GIGAZINE

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