Apple opposes trademark registration that the 'pear-shaped logo' of small and medium-sized enterprises is very similar to Apple's logo

It is reported that Apple, which has a logo with a bite biting apple motif, has filed an opposition to the trademark registration of the logo with a pear motif. The challenged company is soliciting a petition to withdraw the challenge, stating, 'Apple, a large company, is exerting pressure on SMEs in a similar way.'

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Apple Takes Legal Action Against This Small Company's Pear Logo [Update] | iPhone in Canada Blog

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This time, Apple was sued for ' Prepear, ' an organic cooking recipe service operated by Super Helathy Kids. Prepear uses a pear-based logo, and we have been proceeding with the process of registering this logo as a trademark since 2017. According to Prepear's chief operating officer, Las Monson, the US Trademark Office said, 'It's not in competition with other registered trademarks, but it's open to see if there is any objection.' I heard that.

However, when the trademark registration date was reached, Apple waited for this trademark registration application. In the trademark opposition filed , Apple said, 'Consumers who saw the Prepear logo are likely to be associated with Apple. The Prepear logo consists of right-angled leaves and small fruit designs. It immediately reminds me of Apple's famous Apple logo and gives a commercial impression of being identical, as compared below.” The Prepear logo's trademark coverage overlaps with Apple's registered 'computer software and services related to healthcare, nutrition, general wellness, and social networking.'

Apple has been using the 'bite bite apple' designed by designer Rob Janoff from 1976 for the logo. The shape of the logo itself hasn't changed for more than 40 years, but initially there were 6 rainbow colors, but since 1998 it has become a single color. In addition, in the objection statement, articles of each media about Apple's name recognition are cited as reference materials, which appeals the fact that Apple has previously used the apple silhouette as the logo and its brand power. ..

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In response to Apple's complaint, Super Healthy Kids said on Instagram's official account, 'Our logo of our small and medium-sized business hurt Apple's brand, a large company with a market capitalization of over 160 trillion yen. I'm thinking that,” he said, changing the logo costs tens of thousands of dollars (millions of yen). In addition, Prepear is taking similar measures for dozens of small and medium-sized companies that Apple adopts fruits as logos, and many companies who can not afford money to fight with Apple in court change logo or are out of business Insist that you are under pressure.

As Super Healthy Kids pointed out, Apple has in the past actually challenged the Norwegian political party logo and the German bike course logo .

``No one is trying to stop using or purchasing Apple products,'' Super Healthy Kids said, and Prepear is a small subsidiary of just five people who already has thousands of dollars in legal costs ( It costs hundreds of thousands of yen), and it is unavoidable that one person will be fired. In addition, the signature site is soliciting petition, and more than 37,000 supporters have gathered at the time of writing the article.

'This lawsuit is obviously frivolous. Once the public is aware of Apple's position on the matter, it's clear that Apple has obviously harmed us for no good reason. We believe that we choose to withdraw the lawsuit, rather than letting people know.'

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