22 principles to be a good product manager

Alex Reeve , Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn, who was impressed by the idea of 'writing your principles ' after reading Investor Ray Dario 's book ' PRINCIPLES Principles of Life and Work ' Has published ' 22 Principles for a Good Product Manager ', which summarizes what I have learned from my experience and coaching.

22 Principles for Great Product Managers

◆What to hold in order to lead the team

1: To enable the team to have “long-term vision”, “goals” and “values”. If you do not have this, you may not have sufficient communication or you may not be able to cooperate.

2: You need to know what 'game' you are in and how to keep your score. In other words, they should understand the vision for the product, the value of the product, how to beat competitors, and make it possible to measure whether they are going to the right way.

3: The team needs to know the 'what to do' milestone to reach the goal.

◆ About decision making

4: Decisions should be documented, explained and widely communicated.

5: Evidence is needed for decision making and prioritization.

6: Project stakeholders must be involved as early as possible, and the “participate, not participate” collaboration must be explicit.

◆ What is effective communication?

7: There is no 'excessive communication'. Until the product manager is in a state of 'I'm tired of talking about this,' he can't say it's enough. “Communicating” is an important part of the Product Manager, and it is the Product Manager's responsibility to ensure that the organizations are aligned and moving in the same direction.

8: Communication for product managers should be regarded as “design” for designers and “code” for engineers.

9: To have a 'story' and 'story' in the project. With stories, people involved in the project can fill in the voids themselves. If the control of the story disappears, the team's ability may collapse.

◆ Being an effective operator

10: Strong relationships create collaborative collaboration. This relationship includes 'up-down relationship' and 'horizontal relationship'. For a project to be successful, the product manager needs to create two things: relationship and trust.

11: It is said that it is sufficient to manage the details of all projects only in an emergency. Product managers need to lead and support the team's understanding of “setting goals” and “how to achieve them”. Reeve says he should set up a place to communicate with the team and check on a regular basis to see if things are going well.

12: The excellence of the product manager is shown in 'How well is the team progressing?'

13: The job of the product manager is 'to clarify'. Reed says it's always important to think about bringing clarity to the team, such as 'clarifying product issues,' 'solving special problems,' and 'answering questions clearly.'

14: “Know your business, lead your team, communicate relentlessly, make good decisions, and produce good results” and repeat it to yourself as many times as you like, improving by 1% every day.

◆Time management

15: 80% of product managers find out “what is the right product” and promote organizational collaboration, while the remaining 20% answer the questions of the “creator” team There is. Reed says he should spend 80% of his time 'finding' and 'communication.'

16: Securing time to develop a strategy. I get a lot of emails and messages, but 'keeping time' is still one of my jobs.

◆To hold meaningful meetings

17: Send the agenda to members in advance. By the time the meeting begins, you'll be finished with input and ready to reach your goals.

18: Constituting a conference by conscious of 'DAD', that is, discussion, action, and decision.

19: 'ABFU', that is, 'Always Be Following Up' is also important. Within 24 hours after the meeting, we will send notes and communicate with all parties concerned.

20: Be curious and ask 'stupid' questions. At first glance, ridiculous questions can trigger clarity. Asking questions openly and listening to the answers of others creates a meaningful meeting.

◆ Things to keep in mind during project execution

21: All projects include a process of “discovery”, “livelihood” and “yield”, and the product manager needs to make sure they are executed in order.

22: The first thing is to react immediately. The product manager is the hub of the project, the decision maker, and the job of facilitating the team.

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