The world's first monolithic speaker smaller than a coin is born with MEMS technology

The semiconductor products, such as CPU used in the computer, microfabrication techniques are manufactured by transferring a circuit pattern on a silicon die through, consisting of the microfabrication technology microns parts produced in the machine '

microelectromechanical system ( MEMS) ”. The American startup ' xMEMS ' announced the world's first monolithic speaker ' Montara ' manufactured from a single silicon substrate using MEMS technology.

xMEMS | xMEMS Launches Montara, World's First Monolithic True MEMS Speaker

xMEMS Announces World's First Monolithic MEMS Speaker

MEMS is a machine of micron size in which sensors and electronic circuits are integrated on one silicon substrate by microfabrication technology. Murata's “Murata Manufacturing Cheerleading Department” also uses MEMS technology.

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xMEMS, a startup founded in 2017, has been secretly conducting corporate activities without releasing any products until now, but with the release of Montara the silence was broken. xMEMS co-founder Joseph Jiang pointed out that speakers are still using voice coil technology for decades as media consumption such as music, videos and games continues to grow. The production of speakers using voice coil technology requires a factory facility for thousands of people, and there are problems with quality variations. xMEMS aims to break through the barriers of these older speaker technologies and reinvent the sound using silicon technology.

The 'Montara' developed by xMEMS is a speaker manufactured by the microfabrication technology used for general silicon chip manufacturing. MEMS speakers can make the manufacturing line simpler than traditional speakers, while improving the accuracy and repeatability of the manufacturing process, said Andrei Frumusanu , editor of AnandTech .

Montara mounts six MEMS elements that will be speakers on a 8.4 x 6.06 mm silicon die. The sound pressure level is 115dB and covers the frequency characteristics from 10Hz to 20KHz. Total harmonic distortion from 200Hz to 20KHz is guaranteed to be less than 0.5%. Since Montara is not a current drive but a piezoelectric drive, the power consumption is suppressed to 42 μW, which is a fraction of a general voice coil speaker. XMEMS also explains that it is the world's first IP-57 compliant speaker.

Speaker manufacturing using MEMS also has the advantage that the size can be reduced. The standard package that xMEMS plans to provide is 8.4 x 6.05 x 0.985 mm, which fits in small devices such as earphones.

Frumusanu points out that Montara requires a different amplifier design than conventional speakers because it is piezoelectrically driven. When introducing a MEMS speaker like Montara, an additional companion chip is needed, which is a major obstacle to the adoption of MEMS speakers, Frumusanu said.

Montara is scheduled for general production in April 2021, and will be available in two types: a standard package with holes on the top and a side-fill package with holes on the sides.

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