Intel develops "wireless power" that does not require a power cord and publishes a demonstration movie

At the 2008 Intel Developer Forum held in San Francisco, Intel announced the research of Wireless Resonant Energy Link (WREL) based on the theory of MIT physicists, I did not use it and succeeded in turning on a 60 watt bulb. This is enough electric power to drive the notebook. The above picture is the real thing.

With this technology, in the future it will be possible to start charging by simply bringing a laptop in the room, and we can supply power safely and efficiently wirelessly.

In addition, this situation is uploaded directly by Intel on YouTube and is open to the public. Playback is from the following.
Intel CTO Justin Ratner, lecture as humans and machines get closer by 2050

The wireless resonance energy · link technology of this time seems to be as follows.

The wonderful thing about WREL is that it can provide power wirelessly, safely and efficiently. This technique uses a strongly coupled resonator. It is a principle very similar to a trained singer who can break glasses by voice. In the same way that acoustic energy is absorbed by the natural frequency of glass, it resonates with the natural frequency of the resonator on the receiving side, so energy is efficiently absorbed. If this technology is installed in a notebook PC or the like, it will be possible to charge the battery by bringing it closer to several tens of centimeters from the transmitter's resonator. Despite some technical challenges, Intel researchers want to develop a way to eliminate all code from mobile devices and wirelessly transmit to Intel's platform.

Below is the movie that is actually lit up.

YouTube - Intel CTO: No more power cords

Below is a picture of the state of the demonstration.

Wireless Power shown at Intel Developer Forum 2008

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