A movie that actually carries out wireless power supply is on the net, and one part of its capability is revealed

A venture company aiming for the world's first commercialization by wireless power supply "WiTricity"Eric Giler 's public demonstration at TED Global 2009 was released on the Internet. This technology was originally developed by MIT, and because it uses magnetic resonance, it is the most characteristic that it is safe. Several companies have already planned this wireless power supply to telephones, cameras, televisions and other devices, and it is expected to become a technology changing the world in the near future.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
Eric Giler demos wireless electricity | Video on TED.com

This person is Eric Giler

Early wireless power supply idea, unrealizable level

The reality that batteries and rechargeable batteries are thrown out as much as 40 billion annually

Wired is useless

Batteries also do not work

However, MIT people launch "WiTricity" venture company aiming for the world's first commercialization by wireless power supply.

The experiment at MIT looks something like this. Succeeded to send electricity to a 60 W bulb located 2 meters away and to light up. It is in June, 2007.

Mechanism is magnetic resonance

Explanation that magnetic resonance is safe

Examples that can be used for such things

We will actually wirelessly feed this DVD player built-in display

This is the main body.

During the move.

It is powered by this.

Too good.

I am going to the audience to explain wireless power feed from now

Wireless power supply is about to begin


It actually shows that it is safe for humans to pass while wirelessly feeding.

There is also a demonstration that other devices, such as mobile phones, will not be affected at all.

In addition, similarly on the official website of "WiTricity", a demonstration movie of wireless power supply is released, and it is easy to understand, comparatively.

WiTricity - Boston Globe Video

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