The iPhone is reported to be a true "wireless charging" in 2017, and that Apple is developing a wireless power supply technology that can be remotely recharged

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Inside Android deviceWireless power supplyThe models corresponding to the iPhone series have been launched and Apple Watch also adopts a non-contact type magnetic charging cable / dock, the iPhone series has adopted the conventional charging method using cable as before. However, according to Bloomberg Business reported, Apple is developing with its suppliers and finally there is a possibility to put wireless power supply on the iPhone around 2017.

Apple Developing Wireless-Charged iPhone for as Soon as 2017 - Bloomberg Business

Ukrainian startup XE claims to have solved long-range wireless charging | Ars Technica UK

According to the information that Bloomberg Business got from a person who knows the circumstances, Apple said it is developing a wireless power supply system with suppliers in the US and China. Wireless power supply itself is not the latest technology at all, but apparently the technology developed by Apple seems to go one step ahead.

For general wireless power supply, you need to place the terminal on a dedicated stand and leave it without lifting during charging. This is due to the technical limitation that the longer the charging efficiency is, the lower the transmission efficiency of electric power when the distance becomes long, but the technology Apple aims at practical use is sufficient even if there is a certain distance It will be expected to be able to send power.

In fact, Apple's Phil Schiller senior vice president told the interview by AllThingsD in 2012 "Wireless charging system still needs to connect to the wall outlet, so it is not clear how convenient it is for the user," I was talking.

Phil Schiller on New iPhone Connector, Lack of NFC, Wireless Charging - Ina Fried - Mobile - AllThingsD

As for Apple, although it says "wireless", there is a doubt that it is necessary to use it in a situation equal to putting a charging cable in a terminal, and as an answer, as an answer, the medium-range type It may be that you presented a wireless power supply system.

Also, the answer to Apple's future wireless charging system may be in patented technology applied in 2010 and acquired in July 2015. In patented technology entitled "Wireless Power Utilization in a Local Computing Environment", a computer such as an iMac is used as a "hub" of a wireless charging system,Send power to a range around 1 meter aroundIt is drawn. In the transmission of electric power, it is said that near-field electromagnetic resonance similar to Apple Watch is used.

Patent Images

In addition, it is a medium-range wireless power supply system that seems to have few technical hurdles, but Ukraine's startup "XE"Uses the same principle as" Ore radio "to achieve sufficient power supply capacity. XE says that it succeeded in miniaturizing the antenna by casting its own technology and developed a system that can be built in a small terminal such as the iPhone.

Ukrainian startup XE claims to have solved long-range wireless charging | Ars Technica UK

Also, it seems that the technology called "Cota" developed by the American startup "Ossia" is also being developed for practical use.

Wireless power transmission technology "Cota" enabling charging anywhere in town is approaching practical use - GIGAZINE

It seems that it takes a little while before it is realized, but it will be a great benefit to users as well, even if it becomes possible to wirelessly charge on the iPhone and furthermore not to suffer from the annoyance of the cable. Bloomberg Business reporter "This isGame changerBecome highly evaluated ".

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