Wireless rechargeable even with metal body & demonstration movie of "WiPower" new technology that enables charging and powering multiple terminals with one charger released

A smartphone that needs to be charged almost every day is troublesome because it is necessary to remove and insert the cable every time it is charged, but "Qi (Qi)Who has a compatible terminalWireless chargerYou may be sending a smart charging life with. However, with the wireless power supply standard like Qi, there was a weak point that the metal material could not be used between the power transmission device and the power receiving device and the power transmission distance was short. Wireless power supply standards that solve such weaknesses at once are called Qualcomm's "WiPower"is.

Qualcomm Becomes First Company to Enable Wireless Charging for Mobile Devices with Metal Cases | Qualcomm

The wireless power supply standard "WiPower" developed by Qualcomm is a technology that can supply multiple terminals simultaneously in the charging area created by one power transmitting device. Released in 2013, Qualcomm developed Smart Watch "Qualcomm ToqAlthough it is a wireless power supply standard adopted for, etc., it appeared equipped with a new technology to charge a metal body terminal newly.

Speaking of existing wireless power supply schemes, the most famous thing is "Qi (Qi)" which is also adopted in the Nexus series. Although Qi employs electromagnetic induction method, WiPower has merit that transmission distance of power becomes longer than Qi by adopting magnetic resonance method.

In addition to charging, it can also supply power to devices such as wireless keyboard and mouse, it can be embedded in furniture etc. because of long power transmission distance, and it also supports most materials including metal .

You can check the way you actually charge the metal case smartphone using WiPower in the following movie.

Qualcomm WiPower: Wireless charging for metal devices - YouTube

This is a power transmission device equipped with WiPower.

When bringing a light bulb equipped with a power receiving device closer to it, even without touching the charger directly like this, the light and the light bulb glowed. It is also possible to use a single WiPower charger to wire cordlessly to wireless keyboard and mouse etc.

Then set the charger under the ordinary table.

And it has also succeeded to charge the battery by placing the smartphone with the power receiving device just above it.

In addition, you can charge multiple smartphones at the same time. In addition, at the present stage, the electric power that can be transmitted by the WiPower technology is up to 22W.

Smartphones can be recharged without problems with a metal body. Since it was not possible to adopt a metal body in the Qi loaded terminal, it was necessary to use a plastic material, a glass panel, etc. for the case. However, with the advent of WiPower these constraints are gone, there is no doubt that the design of smartphones and tablets will be wider.

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