Round and cute thick font 'Puikko' that can be used for free and for commercial use

' Puikko ', a free font designed by font creator

Atarakana (@ARTAKANA) , perfect for using titles and logos, has been released. In addition to being free to download, 'Puikko' is also available for commercial use.


'Puikko' can be downloaded from Booth, an online market that is linked to pixiv. There is a 'regular version' that can be downloaded for free and a 'throwing money version' of 500 yen, so select the one you want to download. In addition, as a bonus, the TTF file comes with a TTF file output during production.

Click “OK”.

Open the downloaded file……

Unzip the file using a decompression software such as '

Explzh '.

If you open the extracted folder and open the txt.file called 'readme', you can read explanations about 'Puikko', usable range, and unauthorized actions. 'Puikko' is 'profitable, non-profit, printable, web, video, logo, etc., used for all purposes such as production contracting' 'deformation and processing of characters' is permitted, but 'font file 'Redistribution, loan to third parties, sale, etc.' 'Distribution and sale of text-only pictograms and stamps, etc.' 'Trademark registration of designs using fonts, design registration' is prohibited That.

'Puikko' is a digital font standard '

OpenType ' format font jointly developed by Microsoft and Adobe. Double-click the file 'puikko-Regular.otf' in the folder...

A sample of the font is displayed. You can download it to Windows by clicking 'Install' in the upper left.

This is what I actually arranged the alphabet and numbers of 'Puikko'. The curve is a rounded pop font.

Hiragana and katakana look like this.

It's like alphanumeric and kanji with kanji. 'Puikko' is compatible with all

common Kanji (2136 characters).

Looking at the usage example given by Mr. Kana Arata, it seems that 'Puikko' is suitable for making a title or logo of something. The pop and cute letters soften the overall impression, and it seems that the content pointed by the logo will be easy to attach and familiar.

In addition, the creator, Kana Arata, used a web service called ' ' to search for kanji with the same components when making ' Puikko '.

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