First in Japan, "Japanese decoration is easy" that you can easily use Japanese web fonts for free

Hand-drawn letter · Round letter · Square type · Round square type · Dampling letter · Accented type · Hat text type · Gothic type · Mincho type · Brush character type · Writing system type · European text (only English number) · Unusual type font etc. , About 80 kinds of "Web font"(Technique using CSS3 Web Fonts that specifies the font uploaded to the server, not the font installed on the PC, but freely displays it,You can see this sample well) Is available for this net serviceDeco also"is. Unlike images and regular Flash, the point is that it will catch on properly searching. "I wish I could use that letter in my blog's headline!"

User registration is free, and not only web fonts available for free, but also for profitable services that can be used from 315 yen per month, as "Yu Gothic"Festival headlines tomorrow morning"Unhindered"Tomorrow walk"Font which seems to be considerably usable and looks good is prepared, and" trial writing "is possible for all fonts, so you can see what happens when you actually use it.

For details on what fonts can be used if it is free, please see below.
With the deco, the homepage, the blog becomes more fun ♪

Web fonts which can actually be used for free membership registration are summarized as "trial font" on the following page, and it is currently 14 kinds.

Search by category for categories: Trial font | Deco-fonts - Font list

"Trial writing" that can be checked by adjusting the atmosphere and size of the font when actually displayed on the page is possible for each font, and it is quite fun.

Maru characters

Deco also(Hankaku kana and double-byte alphabets are converted to pictograms)

Chi - Happy font

Chi - Happy font (with pictogram)(Hankaku kana and double-byte alphabets are converted to pictograms)

Bold letters

Love letters (with pictograms)(Hankaku kana and double-byte alphabets are converted to pictograms)

Pencil font(There are only alphanumeric characters, some pictograms)

Chiba Love font(Alphanumeric characters only)

Cuite Pop!(Alphanumeric characters only)

Cutie Valentine(Alphanumeric characters only)


Full kun(If it is "1234567" it will be in Southeast Northwest White)

King Kuun(Position (non-formation) - Position (formation) - Reverse position (non-formation) - Position (can be done) possible)

GL-MahjongTile(8 tiles of flowers and 100 tiles can be entered, tiles that were rotated 90 degrees left by shift key are also possible)

The above is a web font available for free,Paid plan "light" "standard"Then the following web fonts will be available.

Yu Gothic H

Cute car


Tomorrow walk

Festival headlines tomorrow morning






Chi ~ Pure Heart

Incidentally,Deco Moshi Terms of ServiceAccording to "personal site" (personal website that does not aim for profit, site of hobby of individual business owner, site of "blog such as president" as managed by corporate representative etc.), etc. are limited to individual site) Even if it is a personal site, it is intended to be a site operated by a commercial site (a corporation or other corporation, a special corporation, a specified nonprofit corporation, a group including nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, public institutions, etc. and for profit-making It seems that it is out. Also, corporate sites, sites aimed at advertising companies and stores, sales of products (including campaigns) and sites for the purpose of providing paid services are also out of the commercial site, so it's out, but we are using affiliate services It is said that the site of personal management that used is not a commercial site.

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