Font 'Nu Michishirube' review that can make original road signs that can be used for free and for commercial use

The font ' Nu Michishirube ', which reproduces the font often seen on road signs, has been released.

Sayunu 's 'Nu Michishirube' can be expressed not only with the letters and numbers of road signs but also with the red circle around the signs if it supports the advanced functions of OpenType fonts. I actually tried using what kind of font it is.

[Kokage] Font: Nu Michishirube

Nu Michishirube --Sayunu Product Shelf --BOOTH

'Puikko' is distributed free of charge from Booth, an online market linked with pixiv. To get it, first go to Booth's public page from here and click 'Free Download'.

If you decompress the downloaded compressed file using decompression software such as '

Explzh ', the following will be displayed. Double-click 'NuMichishirube-Regular-v1.0.0.otf'.

After that, click 'Install' to complete the installation of 'Nu Michishirube' on Windows.

When I try to display numbers, hiragana and katakana with 'Nu Michishirube', it looks like this. The font is based on Japanese road signs, so it does not support the alphabet.

Special characters specific to road signs are also available. The following is a place where Meiryo and 'Nu Michishirube' are displayed with 'Discontinuation / Transfer / Yue / Dan / Danger / Communication'. In 'Nu Michishirube' below, the letters 'cut' and 'turn' are now displayed to mean 'crossing' and 'turning'.

Also, when you display the '○' that surrounds the arrows and road signs, it looks like this.

Furthermore, by enclosing '○' and numbers and letters in parentheses, it is possible to combine fonts to make a road sign. For example, if you display '(○ 40)' in Meiryo and then switch the font to 'Nu Michishirube' ...

It turned out to be something like this.

If you try changing the color of the '○' font to red, it will look much like that.

In addition, we were able to create various road signs using only fonts by combining the above special characters with the diagonal '\' and the x mark '*'.

The terms of use for 'Nu Michishirube' are as follows. It's free, no credits required, and it doesn't matter if it's for profit or not. However, redistribution is prohibited.

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