What is the identity of a mysterious user who repeats the act of “putting only one item in the shopping cart and then abandoning” on mail order sites around the world?

Over the course of a year, online shopping sites around the world have found users who have the mysterious behavior of 'putting one item in the shopping cart and then abandoning it.' Research revealed that the mysterious user was actually 'Google.'

And the mystery online shopper is...Google | eCommerce | Blue Snapper


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The characteristic of the user in question is that the act of 'putting only one item in the shopping basket and then abandoning' is repeated at online shopping sites around the world. FinnBinn, an online shopping site that sells products for newborns such as cribs, reported that the same actions were repeated 17 times in April 2020 over three days, and 73 times in May. From July 1st to 3rd, 2020, it was confirmed that the same behavior was repeated at another site for 48 hours.

ComfortHouse.com , which sells furniture and other items, can help those users in question put picture frames designed for boat owners, leather checkbooks with monograms, iridescent cushions, and wall hangings for Valentine's Day in their shopping cart. Reported as abandoned. He said that the email address used for registration did not exist.

Research has shown that this was a ' Google crawler .'

Google runs a crawler that retrieves documents and images from the web and automatically puts them into a database to crack down on Google Shopping campaign ads . To make sure your ad is fair, you need to check that the price sent to Google matches the price shown in the ad and the price on the product page of your online shopping .. Google has been repeating the act of 'putting the item in the shopping cart and checking the price' using the crawler, so the phenomenon of the problem has occurred.

In addition, there is no way to prevent this Google crawler, so even if an e-commerce data analyst notices this mysterious phenomenon, there seems to be no way to deal with it.

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