It turns out that a free HTML editor was inserting the link without permission, in order to make a specific site stay at the top of Google's search

In order to be displayed at the top of Google search, it is important that 'a lot of website pages are linked from the outside'. However, there have been reports of free HTML editors inserting links to specific URLs for this purpose without the user's knowledge.

The top-ranking HTML editor on Google is an SEO scam | Caspar von Wrede

In order to be displayed at the top of Google search, it is important that the title, headline, content, etc. of the website correspond to the keywords searched by Google, and that there are many links from external websites. Become. For this reason, when Caspar von Wrede created a tool called Online Scoreboard , he tried SEO measures so that it would be displayed at the top of Google search, but for some reason it was 'displayed at the second place in the ranking'. It was said that it continued.

According to Wrede, the online scoreboard is designed so that people link URLs or embed them in websites due to the nature of the product, and the number of links increases in proportion to the passage of time. Nonetheless, it has always been another tool called 'Score Counter' that has been ranked number one in Google search for 12 months.

To answer this question, Wrede

paid a subscription fee for a service called Ahrefs and checked the Score Counter's 'backlink profile.' Then, it turned out that Score Counter increased the number of links rapidly from January 2020 to January 2021. The number reached 3,600.

When Mr. Wrede further confirmed the details of the backlinks of the Score Counter, for some reason there was a link from the word 'score' spelled out in the 'German Football Association blog'. The word 'score' in a blog is a general noun score and does not refer to any particular web service. In addition to the German Football Association blog, there were

links from the online shopping site 'Macworld Shop ', the news media ' NBC4 Washington ', and the FAQ of Rice University, but none of them was in the context of mentioning a specific tool. Wrede said.

When Wrede sent a question email to these website operators, the answer from one website solved the mystery. The website operator said, 'We don't sell links,' he said. 'I've been using an HTML cleaner ( since last year, and it works fine for the first few months. I did, but a few weeks ago I suddenly noticed that the tool was sneaking a link into the HTML content. '' When I understood the situation, I manually fixed as many posts as I could remember. However, as you pointed out, some links remain. From now on, I will find and replace this link in the entire database. '

In other words, the creator of Score Counter created another HTML editor that inserts links to specific keywords to increase the number of links to Score Counter. As HTML editors become more popular and used by many people, the number of links to Score Counter will increase, and the search ranking of Score Counter will increase.

Like the HTML editors mentioned above, the HTML editors available below also sneak in links to specific URLs, Wrede said.


Kaspersky , a computer security company, wrote 'How to protect yourself from hackers' in the articles that received links using the above tools. However, Kaspersky Lab's article did not direct you to the Score Counter, but rather from the word 'Rubiks' to '', which was written about the Rubik's Cube. In addition, Kaspersky has deleted the relevant part, but Mr. Wrede has taken the following screenshot.

Wrede confirms that the terms of these tools include the phrase 'We display ads and put a random link to the end of the cleaned document.' 'If you feel generous, you can interpret the HTML editor as a free tool and inserting links instead of paying,' Wrede said. However, Wrede said that Google will soon be penalized.

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