Electric scooter rental business to be lifted in the UK, with new corona virus measures


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The rental business of 'electric scooters' that stand on like a kickboard will be legalized in the UK from Saturday, July 4, 2020. Behind this, the use of public transportation is being curtailed as a measure against the new coronavirus, and the aim is to secure new means of transportation for citizens.

Rental e-scooter trials to be allowed from this weekend-GOV.UK

UK allows e-scooter rentals to aid transport in pandemic

UK Secretary of State Rachel McLean announced on June 30, 2020, that a new system allowing trial operation of electric scooters will come into effect on July 4. This will allow UK local governments and similar agencies to authorize the operation of the rental electric scooter business that has been applied for in that area. The trial operation will be continued for 12 months, during which the safety and effectiveness of the electric scooter will be evaluated.


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You must be 16 or older to use an electric scooter, have a driver's license, and have a speed limit of 15.5 miles per hour (about 25 km/h). The British government was initially not complete the legislation relates to an electric scooter to the prospect of the 2021 year, in response to that request means of transport alternative to public transportation by the new coronavirus has increased, crossing the rapid institutionalization It was.

In a statement, McLean said, 'Now that we're out of lockdown, it's a unique opportunity to rebuild transportation in a greener, more sustainable and healthier way. Electric scooters are convenient and clean. Moreover, it is promising as a cost-effective vehicle, and is expected to reduce the burden on the transportation network and contribute to securing a social distance.'

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However, since only electric rental scooters have been legalized this time, privately owned electric scooters are not allowed to run on public roads. In addition, it has been pointed out that electric scooters are more convenient than cyclists and can be used on sidewalks and motorways, which is convenient for pedestrians and drivers.

Regarding the lifting of the ban on electric scooters in the United Kingdom, the Associated Press pointed out, 'With this legalization, the UK can finally catch up with the regions where the electric scooter business has already been developed for many years, such as the United States, Europe and Asia.' Did.

The kickboard type electric scooter legalized in the UK this time is also available in Japan, but it can only be used on private land. In addition, some vehicles are equipped with saddles and headlights that can be run on public roads.

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