Afternoon tea Lemon tea turned into a cheese souffle that melted softly and so I tried it

`` Cheese souffle (afternoon tea lemon tea) '', which recreates the sweet and sour fruity taste of ``

Kirin afternoon tea lemon tea '' as a fluffy cheese souffle, is from Ginza Cozy Corner nationwide from July 1, 2020 Has appeared in. I actually ate what it was like with afternoon tea that melts in my mouth.

Ginza Cozy Corner | Cheese souffle (afternoon tea, lemon tea)

The box that arrived at the editorial department looks like this.

When I opened the box, it contained 1 pack of cheese souffle. It would be difficult to convey the size without a comparison target...

It is quite large, with the same overall length as 500 ml of 'Afternoon Tea Lemon Tea'. It is a size that looks good to share and eat.

Ingredients include liquid egg, cream cheese, sugar, milk, flour, glucose syrup, starch syrup, lemon concentrated fruit juice, etc. Since the raw material names come from the ones with the highest content, the cream cheese is fairly large.

Calories are 251 kcal per 100 g.

Since the content was written only as '1 piece', I measured it and found it was 277 g without removing it from the container. Since the container weighed 10g, the total calorie is 670kcal per 267g.

I will cut it immediately.

The cross section looks like this. It has a three-layer structure consisting of lemon tea gelet, souffle layer, and sponge layer.

The souffle was soft when the fork was put in, and there was a peculiar sound as if the bubbles were crushed as the cutting progressed.

As soon as you put it in your mouth, the fragrance of Ceylon tea leaves will spread. It has a lemon tea taste, but the elements of lemon are concentrated in the sweet and sour jelly, and it is not so strong. I was wondering if black tea and cheese would match, but since the cheese is not a rich type, it has a softness and mellowness added to the whole, so it is easy to eat even in the hot season. The bottom sponge layer is also a soft material, so it was light overall and it was as if the black tea was melting in the mouth.

Actually comparing it with 'afternoon tea lemon tea'...

After all, the sourness of lemon was more noticeable in 'Afternoon Tea Lemon Tea'. The sweet and sour cheese souffle, with its firm black tea flavor and subtle lemon scent, was perfect for a tired afternoon.

'Cheese souffle (black tea, lemon tea in the afternoon)' costs 691 yen including tax and can be purchased at the Ginza Cozy Corner nationwide .

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